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  1. Hi. Is anyone here attending nursing school at El Paso Community College? I will be starting my first semester in January and am very excited! I've already purchased many of the text books and wanted to know if anyone else has? Any concerns or comments about attending the program? I'd love to hear from you!

    Happy New Year!
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  3. by   EllasBella
    hello i am new to this forum site...i am also in El Paso, Texas and am researching my options...i'd like to switch from business to nursing and plan to attend EPCC. i have tons of business experience but no med background i am learning the steps and process required to become a nurse. Maybe you can provide some feedback, opinions, and or experience i wish there were more EP nurses posting on here
  4. by   medgirlRN
    Sure! Glad to hear from someone here.

    Have you started taking the pre-req's? Anatomy 1 & 2, Microbiology, and Pharmacology (although Pharmacology is not required for ranking, it does help taking it before so you don't have to take it when you're taking nursing classes).

    If not, get started on it right away. It will take about 1 year to complete since you need A&P1 and A&P2 two different semester AND before you can take Microbiology. Spring, Summer, Fall.

    They also changed the accuplacer and if I'm not mistaken they've removed trigonometry. I worked so hard on preparing for the trig because I always failed this part and prevented my from ranking. My recommendation before taking the accuplacer....TAKE THE TUTORING! It's absolutely free to EPCC students, and take full advantage. When I took it I followed thru and wound up with a high score on all three parts.

    Also, start on your immunizations. HEP series will take between 4-6 months to complete so get those first.

    These and some other reasons are why it will take about 1 year for prep so that you will be ready for ranking.

    If there's anything else I can help you with let me know. Good luck!
  5. by   EllasBella
    hello there Thanks so much!!! i didn't think i'd get a response lol...very glad i did and super fast too! i appreciate your time...

    i went to speak to a counselor for RN program and she pretty much scared me lol...BUT i've felt i always wanted to do this even before i got sucked into business i was discouraged but i feel like its what my passion is...

    i've heard many many mixed opinions about starting off w/RN or LVN. My main concern/scare is failing classes or not ranking high enough to make it...i already have about 5 classes done that RN requires such as math, speech etc. i don't want to waste time as im doing a switch so late in my career path but i don't want to fail RN, i want to be an RN then get bachelors, to be nurse practioner eventually...i am not even at all educated on the different career paths or speacializations i can do BUT im intrigued and excited to hopefully start next semester but also very scared its very much unknown to me!

    a nursing friend recommended i start LVN and bridge to RN but in terms of time in years i am not sure if that would take longer or not...i also don't know the level of difficulty the material covered in class. at this point its so new to me that i am affraid of failing...
  6. by   EllasBella
    i have not yet started any of the pre-reqs i am barely trying to figure out what i need, how to get there, and how to pay for it

    the accuplacer: what does it consist of? i believe i took a similar exam years ago to place out of math and remedials etc it was reading writing and math basic stuff pretty much...i placed well i am wondering if its as easy as that one...i was even given a study guide...

    my business math was super super hard i managed to get an A thanks to lots of studying and tutoring from my sister in law (math whiz) my teacher was too fast and hard to understand thank god it transfers...
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  7. by   medgirlRN
    When I decided to go for nursing, I came from UTEP as an Electrical Engineering student. Believe me, I know what it's like to start off fresh in a whole new career path...it's scary. But I did it because this is what I wanted and I was determined to get it.

    Since I already had the history, political science, math, etc., I had those done for my pre-req's. I had to still take the three science courses for ranking (anatomy 1&2, micro). That's what took the year to take.

    Don't be affraid of going the course you want to take. It's a little intimidating because it's all new to you but just do your investigating and make sure you get the right information.

    Money wise, nursing school costs about $6,000. This includes books, uniforms, classes. There may be other expenses like the NCLEX but expect about this much. The LVN probobly is about $4,000.

    I considered taking the LVN as a backup if I didn't get into the RN program. It's not a bad choice, but this is what will happen:

    It will take 12 month's to complete...you attend classes all 3 semesters...no summer's off.
    It's cheaper than going to the RN program.
    If you want to attend the RN program using the bridge approach, after finishing the LVN program you must wait 6 months after to apply for the RN program (verify this because I believe I was told this by a nursing counselor).

    I, too, want to transfer to a bachelors program (UTEP) and then NP schooling. It will take a while but it will be done!

    Take your time, don't rush into things and make sure you have all the facts. Talk to Veronica or Maria for accurate information. They are the nursing counselors and anyone else will tell you partial or incorrect information. They will compare your credits with the required credits for the pre-nursing courses.

    The accuplacer exam is the exam students take as a placement exam when entering school. You just have to receive a certain score they require.

    Also, make sure to get an A in those 3 science classes,...the minimum is a C but even those with B's either barely make it into ranking or not. 3 A's gives you a much better change. However, I had A's in A&P 1&2, and a B in Micro. My accuplacer scores were high too so all that helped my ranking.
  8. by   EllasBella
    you've been incredibly helpful!! how did you manage to get As? any tips you have? im curious what material the courses cover...i know this is a stupid question but is there a way to make up assignment grades like in business there were ways to get extra credit incase didn't do so well on exams...

    the accuplacer sounds like the exam i did long ago before i started college at all, i know i need to take it again but i'd love to be as prepared as possible i haven't been in school in 2yrs and need to refresh my math skills which don't come too naturally to me lol...do they provide study guides to help prepare?

    im still so very confused about which route to start with LVN or RN since sometimes i think "well if i had known i wouldve done this" or "this would have been smarter" after its too late...i was told LVN will help prepare for RN and many students fail out of RN because its very difficult and end up LVNs to redo RN...

    do you have time to work?

    it takes both RN/LVN at least a yr to do the prereqs and how long thereafter?

    your histories and politcal sciences counted for RN? or will they count for bachelors? i have all those too...counselor said some of my courses counted but didn't say antyhing about histories or politcal sciences...i will go and talk to LVN counselor too...
  9. by   80s chick
    I've been working in getting into the nursing program at EPCC for some time now. I'm a mother of three, and started attending in the Summer of 05. It was a painsaking and difficult time. I had just lost my father and attending schools was one way of dealing with my loss. I can't say it's been an easy ride, because it hasn't. But, I'm on the verge of ranking in June. God Willing I'll pass the math portion of the accuplacer. It was to the trig portion that my earlier attempts I had failed. But, I've strapped my boots back on and like they say "Got back on the Saddle". I've been taking tutoring on the accuplacer web site as well as the college web site. If ever you feel scared of a counselor feel free to look for another one. Ms. Guerrero at the Rio Grande campus is a fine one. Never ever hesitate to ask questions, cuz at times you will be told many different things and given bogus info. As for paying for nursing school. Here's the heads up once you've completed your pre-req attending the Nursing Orientation. If you rank into the program look into the program available by Project Arriba. They are located at the Atrium bldg. on Westmoreland on the side of the Sams located at Cielo Vista. This program will generally cover most cost. With the only condition that you will already be entering the program and that you fall in the wages category. And the counselors there are AWESOME. They are always there to help with whatever you need. I wish you continued success in your nursing future.
  10. by   80s chick
    Also great instructors are as follows: for AP 1 Mr. **** ******* for Microbiology Ms. *****, AP2 Ms. ****, Pharmacology Mrs. * at Rio Grande. First three are at Valle Verde Campus.
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    Thread Hijack!!!!!!!

    I love all my El Pasoans!!!!!

    Viva La Chuco!
  12. by   EllasBella
    Quote from 80s chick
    Also great instructors are as follows: for AP 1 Mr. ***** ******** for Microbiology Ms. ******, AP2 Ms. ******, Pharmacology Mrs. 8 at Rio Grande. First three are at Valle Verde Campus.
    hello there thank you so much for your input...i have been looking into Project Arriba and i know they have testing as well as income guidelines...i am going to set up an apointment with them...i was finally advised by Mrs. ******** ( i was referred to her by a friend as well) and she is in deed a fine counselor .... she helped me set up the order of the pre-reqs i should take etc...unfortunately i have alot of catching up to do on the sciences and will not be able to rank until june of 2010 minimum im excited and more at ease without trying to rush everything...meanwhile that gives me time to concentrate on pending business projects and getting As in ranking courses....good luck in ranking although i was once told "no one needs luck, just be prepared"

    PS im glad more people from EP are beginning to speak up on their experiences...its been very helpful to someone like me with only business experience...
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  13. by   ETovar
    Hello, I'm excited to discover this website and to see that there are posts up from students from EPCC. I have a lot of questions about the program so I'm hoping to get some good responses.

    I've completed both AP I and II, I just need Micro to rank. I was hoping to take it this Summer and apply this Fall, but since I work full-time I could only take evening or weekend classes and they weren't offering it at those times, so I'm taking it in the Fall. This pushed me back a year, so now I have to wait to apply for the program in June 2010!!! Oh well, its not too far away. I plan on taking Pharmacology in the Spring of 2010. (Has anybody taken that class? What instructor(s) do you recommend?)

    Anyway, I'm excited to of found this website and I hope to get some responses.


  14. by   medgirlRN

    I completed my first semester at EPCC for the RN program....and I survived!

    I knew it was going to be hard and a whole lot different from other classes I'm used to but I quickly learned how to study for nursing classes and learn critical thinking. I also learned that if you don't grasp this concept quickly in the 1st semester you will struggle with the material.

    Good job on completing AP1&2. With Micro I highly recommend **** ******. She makes the material easy to learn, and I enjoyed her class. Her personality is interesting and when you take her class you will understand what I mean.

    For Pharm, I had ***** ****. She is also a clinical instructor. She's very set in her ways but teaches very well. There is another instructor at the Rio Grande campus that makes you learn every detail of many many drugs. I cannot remember their name. I would recommend someone like that. It may not sound like fun, but believe me, when you are taking your nursing classes and they quiz you on medications you will be grateful you had a teacher that taught you which medications are which. Also, ***** ********* is awesome! She's the nurse practictioner at Rio Grande, and also teaches clinicals and pharm. She has a fantastic way of teaching that really sticks to you, you enjoy learning what she teaches, and does what she can to help you understand the material.

    Good luck on your journey. I know it took me a while to get in and I am so happy to be here! Do not fall behind on your studies and be prepared to dedicate your time to studying! Take every opportunity to have extra study time, practice (especially the practice), and ask for help when you need it. I saw so many people not make it to the next semester.

    I was offered incredible advice that not only gave me confidence in what I was doing, but gave me a clear vision of my path and improved my grades:

    The three things that make a successful nurse are:
    1) Time mangement - manage your time wisely
    2) Set your priorities - know which comes first
    3) Organization - organize materials needed for each task

    These three rules can be applied to studying for nursing, studying while in nursing school, and working as a nurse.

    Good luck!
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