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  1. ]I already have a BS in Psychology and I applied to El Centro for Spring 2013. I had 24 overall points and an advisor at El Centro told me over the phone that I would get in with that score. I had assumed that if youstarted nursing there you could get done sooner than two years if you had allthe support classes done. I just found out recently from an advisor that thatsnot the case & that you cannot "double up" on the nursingclasses. Also that the bridge through UTA takes 13 months. I was not expectingto spend over 3 years on getting my BSN, so I am trying to decide if its worthit to go ahead and start or wait and see if I can get into a faster programthrough a University. I want to be in the DFW area.

    -I spoke to an advisore at Baylor and had a transcript evaluation done. I have a 3.71 for their requirements and she said that I had a good chance of getting into their fastbacc program, but since they accept so few students it is hard to say what the applicant pool would be like. Their program is only 12 months!
    -I don't really want to pay TCU's tuition, but would probably have a higher GPA there since my only C is in Chemistry and they don't consider Chemistry. Their accelerated program is 15 months.
    -For TWU' 2nd degree seeking requirmentS I would have a 3.54. Their program is 2 years.

    I need advice from anyone excperienced in the Dallas area and who have encountered similar circumstances. HELP! I would appreciate all the advice I can get!
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    If you don't have kids and do have a way to support yourself I'd do Baylor's Fastbacc. I know a lot of girls who've done it and only have positive things to say. That's the fastest way to the BSN. 12 months sounds like a dream!!!

    Another option is Brookhaven, their ADN is 18 months, not 24. I also know two girls who went there and liked it! Most hospitals will pay for your online BSN while you work there as a RN.
    The nice thing is that you can be a nurse while doing the bridge program. It doesn't have to take 13 months- it depends how quickly you can get it done. Nurses say they do 9 hours with their eyes closed. And the bridge program classes aren't full length plus they have random start and finish times throughout the year!
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    @ agie89 just a lil advice .. I have many family members that are now RN's men and women and some with an associates and some with a bachelor in registered nursing. first let me tell you please do not believe all the foolish hype and stories about needing to have a bachelors degree in nursing to find a job, my 55 year old aunt has been an RN for 30 years and told me they have been trying to use that scar tatic about needing a bachelors since she went to RN school way back in the day and my friend who just graduated as an RN in 2012 now has a great job both of them only have associates degrees in RN.

    The differeance between bachelors and associates RN is $1 to $1.50 more per hour earned not worth the expensive university cost of classes and not worth all the extra time spent in those classes, and no lie the exact same state board exam that all the associate degree RN's take are sitting in the same exact room side by side elbow to elbow with the bachelor degree nurses takeing the exact same exam to get licensed only difference is the bachelor spent a lot more tine and money in school and will get paid a buck more per hour. to me not worth itt... but hay to each is own .. if that your thing go for itt. I will say since you already have a bachelor in psycology you would do just fine with an associates degree only in RN, and still be able to have a lot of job oppurtunities,

    ok so now lets get to the part that caught my eye I also have a bachelors degree but in business management and I want a associates degree in RN but I had no idea that el centro doesn't count any of my previous classes and allows me to double upp that info has me really concerned because I was planning on my classes that I have completed for my bachelors being able to count for my associates in RN. well guess what my friend theres still hope for you i found out from a for sure resourceful source that over at trinity valley community college they will accept your previous course work and allow you to double upp all you need to do is have all of your course works and transcripts tranfered to trinity valley and they will count them as courses completed. so this will be a bad business move for el centro they will loose a lot of (customers/students) and loose a lot of income because every one will invest there money and enroll over at tvcc... elcentro will eventually notice this lost and began to allow students to double upp on there classes.. because like the old saying goes... money talks and bull shhhhhhhhhhhhh walks...... so i hope this info helps you out and encourages you to keep going forward to reach your dreams and goals... when one door shuts another door opens...