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Hi is anyone out there applying to the el centro nursing program for fall 2012? Would you share points and which campus you're choosing ? :)... Read More

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    Hey guys I receive my mail today, Saturday. So y'all should receive your letters in the mail soon...
    Well I got accepted!! Yay! I am so happy they corrected my letter since the first letter was an error saying I got denied. But now that they have my information correct. It is official I am in!! I am so excited!!!

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    I'm in!!! Thank you, Jesus ... now time to start praying to get through the first semester Can't wait to meet everybody ! - Anissa
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    I'm in! Again haha
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    I'm in! I can't wait to meet you all June 20th. I'm already a part of the Facebook group. My name is Sandy Lopez.
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    Hi Sandy - i can't wait to meet everyone ! Congrats !!!
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    Hi i3rns,

    Some of us received our corrected confirmation letters this weekend. I was wondering if you could tell me what the first semester would look like and if it would even be conceivable to work part-time. Can you recall what a typical week was like? I appreciate any feedback.

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    To whom it concerns: New info packet is uploaded!
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    Thanks RNNelson79...I noticed that anthropology is not needed but the papers that they gave us at the info session said that we do need it. I see that they are already starting to mess up. I hope they get everything together. I'm going to call them and make sure anthropology is not needed for any point calculations.
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    Ha! I know- I was thinking the same thing- they're telling different people different things already.
    Looks like I've got 7 out of 9 for the UTA points.
    I wonder if the application pool will be significantly smaller over the next few semesters.
    I have a newborn so I will be having to take my prerecs and support classes slowly and mainly online, so unfortunately I won't be ready to apply by the next Aug 31st deadline. I haven't even taken A&P1 yet :/ Bummer!

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