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Hi is anyone out there applying to the el centro nursing program for fall 2012? Would you share points and which campus you're choosing ? :)... Read More

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    Folks- I got my Ed Plan from El Centro and I'm confused...so, no regular BIO needed anymore? Looks like EITHER A&P1&2 OR Bio1&2 are accepted. That seems odd. Is this accurate? Unfortunately my original Bio which I made an A in was from 1998 so they won't count it. And since I'll be applying for 2013 is this gonna be the same requirement? Anyone know? Have any of you heard about the Methodist hospital partnership with El Centro? Sounds pretty cool!

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    @RNNelson79 I didn't do an educ plan so I don't know about any changes for biology. It was my understanding that you only need to do one if you have courses from another college that you want counted on your application and that doesn't apply to me. I did inquire about the Methodist/El Centro collaboration though. The lady emailed me back with all the info. It looks like they prefer for employees and immediate relatives of the employees to apply. If you are not either one of those then you can still apply only if you have done 100+ volunteer hours for at least 6 months at Methodist. So in other words you need to get started with them at least 6 months before you are ready to apply, in order to get your hours and time in. Oh and another thing is that their deadlines are different from El Cento's. Their deadline for Spring admit is October 20th. That pretty much counts me out with their volunteer work. Oh well I should have my acceptance letter from ECC by then.
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    It sounds like a great partnership. I can't seem to find any threads about the Methodist/El Centro program I wonder if it's more or less competitive? I have a bachelors degree from the University of TX @ Austin but I still need 2pre-recs and 4 support courses before applying...so there's time for me to volunteer at Methodist Dallas for 6+ months. Does having a bachelors degree not help someone get into these ADN programs? I think there should be points awarded or something!
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    Oh- another thing is that they just sent me my Ed Plan and it's labelled 2011, but I wouldn't be applying until 2013. Surely things will be different by then. Grrr.
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    Quote from 2bAgr8RN
    @Sarah...yes starting for the next application period which is next month, they will be using the 30pt system.
    Does anyone have the list of courses that would be awarded 1point from your undergrad degree?! Or the link to find out online etc?
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    Presby Dallas partners just like Methodist, but they consider years of service and whatnot. They used to allow volunteers to apply, but now they don't. I work there now and thought about applying but their deadlines are so much later. El centro "accepted" me, so we shall see! If not... Presby's deadline is May 20th.
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    @RNNelson79...They gave us a list when we went to the info session. They said that they will have all the new information online for us to view on May 1st since that will be the official start date for the next application period.
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    Cool, thank ya!
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    Well I have resubmit my app for late entrance. I didnt turn in my Chickenpox titer
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    Quote from SXBlair
    Well I have resubmit my app for late entrance. I didnt turn in my Chickenpox titer
    Where did you get a chickenpox titer? I've been looking online to find somewhere to get it and I haven't found anywhere.

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