El centro nursing program fall 2012?? - page 26

Hi is anyone out there applying to the el centro nursing program for fall 2012? Would you share points and which campus you're choosing ? :)... Read More

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    They have a new ranking system this fall so u guys should go to the information session!

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    I joined the facebook group btw
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    Quote from JC0476
    From what I hear they will now require to take all sections again. They want all the grades on one HESI sheet
    I called them and yes they require all the sections in one sheet. Thanks for the info
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    Xsblair add me im on the group too
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    Quote from SarahLindsey
    Xsblair add me im on the group too
    What is the name of the group? I can't find it.
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    "El Centro ADN Fall 2012"
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    Has anyone called El centro? Any news?
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    Sending out letters the beginning of next week
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    Quote from giggl3box411
    sending out letters the beginning of next week

    good! Let's hope they get it right this time.
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    Anyone who's not part of the facebook group, join!!! :-)

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