El Centro/ Northlake Nursing Spring 2014

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    Hello all! I'm new here and have not seen a post for El Centro spring 2014. I was originally planning to apply for fall 2014, however I just heard that the point system and prerequisites have been revised! Now I will be able to apply for this spring! I don't know if I will get in, but its worth a shot! Anyone else applying for spring 2014?

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    I am planning to apply for spring 2014 as well. I spoke to the director and she said the prereqs are now A&P I, Eng and Psych. Do you have any idea what the point system is?
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    I'm also preparing to apply for Spring 2014. I emailed the administrator who's responsible for uploading the new packets and information sessions and they told me that they hope to have everything uploaded within the next 2 weeks. So hopefully they will be available sooner than later! I'm too anxious to see the new point system!
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    My hubby is taking classes at north lake right now, so he was able to bring the paper home or me! He is also applying for spring 2014! I can email it to y'all if you would like...

    My email is jeter.kirsten@yahoo.com

    It's a 40 point system now.. I am taking A&P in July and will have my prereqs. I'm not sure I will get in because before my hesi I will only have 16 points :/ so that means the HIGHEST I could have is a 28 with the hesi.. I think it's worth a shot though!
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    When I say paper I mean the paper that has the new point system on it
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    Yes, I would really appreciate it if you emailed it to me (ashleyking1221@yahoo.com). I think you should definitely apply, you never know!!!!
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    Thanks! I will apply! My husband is also applying an will have either 22 or 24 (can't remember what he said) before his hesi! Lol
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    OMG!!! I just emailed you! (kthrower84@gmail.com) thank thank you so much!!!! Would love to see the point system!
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    Can someone please email me the new point system. I may be able to make it also I was going to wait one more semmester!!! trinigyalf@hotmail.com
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    Thank Thank you!!! as far as support courses I'm taking Micro in fall and Im done..Hesi next month and then 4classes for additional points...if Hesi goes well guessing 26 or 27 points in all. I hope all goes well, cause my brain cant take anymore changes I have some classes that will eventually mean nothing...

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