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Hi guys, I'm just wondering, is there any of you who will apply to the Nursing Program for the upcoming Fall 2013 Nursing Program? Which campus will you choose? I will be applying with 25... Read More

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    Hello ! I will also be applying for the Fall 2013 start program! Good luck to everyone!

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    Thanks Denisse. Good luck to you as well. How many points are you going in with?
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    I am applying also! I had 24 last time and didn't get in due to my shot record, so everyone check closely!! I'll be applying with 26 this time!! Good luck to everyone and hope to see y'all soon!
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    I had planned on attending an online nursing info session, too. I called Health Occ Admissions and asked, they said the online wouldn't be available until AFTER the close of application? How on earth does that help us? Lol!
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    Is it a requirement? On the application is says "optional nursing info session". Asho2087 , what happened on the shots record the first time? I'm nervous that I'm going to miss something small, but they said they wont look at the apps prior to confirm we have everything. I really am not interested in getting declined on a technicality. lol. Did they confirm y'alls points or is that just what y'all are coming up with? I asked them to confirm my points.
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    I don't know anything about the confirming of points. Did someone confirm your points? I know that they will reject an application if anything is missing. I have heard several students say that they did not get in due to errors with shot records. That is why I check my documents thoroughly before turning them over. I am pretty sure you are fine and do not worry. Once again, GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!
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    Jenelle, my doctor didn't sign one of the lines for MMR shots.. Make sure that EACH line for every shot is signed otherwise they won't accept it. When you get your letter back whether or not they accept you, included is an educational plan with all the points you were given.
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    I just realized the doc didnt sign all of my immunization lines.. and today was the last day!! I dont know if I should email someone or just hope they overlook it!
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    I would try and contact someone. If not, fingers crossed that they overlook it
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    I would call someone because chances are they won't overlook it... But it's up to you.. I didn't get in last time because of a signature so I know how it feels.. I'm sorry

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