EKG classes for CEs in Dallas/Ft. Worth/Texas?? EKG classes for CEs in Dallas/Ft. Worth/Texas?? | allnurses

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EKG classes for CEs in Dallas/Ft. Worth/Texas??

  1. 0 It is time for me to begin getting CE hours and I really would like to take an EKG class. I was wondering if any of the bigger hospitals in Dallas/FT. Worth offer those classes to Nurses that don't work with in their hospital system? I live about 50 miles east of Dallas so DFW would be great but would travel for this class!!

    Thanks for any help!!
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    Harris Methodist and Dallas Presbyterian both offer courses - call their education department, I don't know the numbers but Im sure you can find them on the websites.
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    Thanks for the information. I found a few in Brownwood but don't know where that is!!