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  1. I graduated in May with an associate and no prior medical experience. Has anyone been hired as a new grad and could tell me about your experience with the preceptorship. How is it working with 7 patients on med/surg with a majority of them Spanish speaking?

    I would love to take advantage of this opportunity but do not want to make the wrong choice without gathering more information. Anyone with advice please help.
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  3. by   HouTx
    There has been a lot of information about this hospital on AN over the years. It might be a good idea to do a search and review some of those threads.

    I strongly urge you to actually visit Eagle Pass before making a commitment. This area of the Valley is not everyone's cup of tea. The difference may be too great for you to be comfortable/content living there.
  4. by   modernhippie_
    I'm a Houstonian, born and raised. I went to Laredo, Tx for nursing school and recently graduated with my BSN in May. It's not exactly the valley, but its about two hours away from Eagle pass. My personal opinion, is that I HATED living there! I do not speak spanish, but because I am Pakistani and look like I could pass for Hispanic, EVERYONE and their mama expected me to speak SPanish, and I did not get any sympathy for not knowing it. I was simply told "you need to learn it". Not just that, but there is NOTHING to do out there besides drink yourself stupid, which is everyone's favorite hobby. Coming from a huge, diverse place like Houston, I was completely culture shocked. I have been offered new grad positions in Laredo and Eaglepass, but am still back in Houston at my parents house searching for something here, in Austin, or Dallas. I learned that small town living is just not for me. If I absolutely HAD to, as in if I couldn't find any jobs within the year, I mayyyy move out there but JUST for 6 months to get some experience under my belt and then move back to Houston in hopes of having better luck finding a job with 6 months experience. A lot of those places in the valley make you sign contracts, so be sure to ask about that as well! Plus, a lot of them done pay well.
  5. by   RNin
    I really would love to find a position in Houston but it seems really difficult as a new grad from out of town with an associate. I'm looking to gain the experience at the moment before I lose any advantage in being hired with new incoming classes graduating.

    Did you take the nurse career battery test for the hospital at eagle pass? If I sign a contract for the signing bonus, will I be able to get out of it if I find an ideal location?
  6. by   modernhippie_
    I did not take that test because I had and still have (for now at least) my heart set on working in a big city. I'm sure there's a way to break the contract, but I'm not sure what the consequenses are. You should ask about all of that. You can maybe even ask to forego the sign on bonus if they let you work there without signing a contract. I am starting to consider working in the valley area to gain experience, because it IS difficult finding a job as a new grad in Houston...let me know how your experience goes! good lluck!