Does anyone know the information of CNA class in Houston? Does anyone know the information of CNA class in Houston? | allnurses

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Does anyone know the information of CNA class in Houston?

  1. 0 Hey,I am a new here,I lived in Houston,and I am also a new in the US, I just moved here from other contury,for love,hope that's be worthy...separate with my family,my friends,my familar environment
    So,my English is really very bad,hope you guys can understand .
    I am here for some helpful advice for my career.I know that's very difficult to find a job for me,but I think I should never give up my dream.Now,I am learning English in a community school's ESL class. in the future,I want to chose a carrer that's easy to find a job and have a great develop space.
    I thought Nurse should be a good vocation,but I have no confidence .No nursing background,non-English speaker,even not young any more,I am 27 years old,maybe I need have a baby after one or two years.
    Someone adviced me to begin a CNA's program,the first step to be a nurse.Does anyone know the information of CNA's class in Houston? free or cheap tuition would be better.That's must be a hard work for me!!Maybe any program will spend me more times than others,but I still want to have a try.
    Need more encourage,need more friends,need more confidence,need more study...
    Any advice for my carrer ?

    Thanks  very much. nice guys~
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    Your post has been moved to the Texas forum for more responses. Good luck to you.