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Hi, Everyone I am new to this forum and I have question regarding my nursing license endorsement can anyone please help me!I am in process of the RN license endorsement from NewYork to texas and i get the temporary license from... Read More

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    Quote from CYoungLPN

    No I took it 3 times in Florida..& failed it 3 times in florida then Florida required I take a refresher course before I could take it again but I couldn't afford a refresher course so I researched and found that I could take NCLEX a 4th time in NY and I passed then I simply endorsed my NY license to Florida since I live in Florida

    If u pass NCLEX outside of Florida u can still endorse ur license to Florida

    Sorry there is some miscommunication
    Oh so you actually just resolved my entire dilemma!!! This is the exact info I needed thank you for sharing your story. I am now relieved, that Sunshine State license is coming..MY way!!!

    Thanks again CY!

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    You are going to need a Texas license in order to practice nursing in Texas, since New York is not a part of the Nursing Licensure Compact. Your New York license will never be valid in Texas unless NY jumps on the bandwagon and becomes a part of the compact.
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    No. If your temporary license is expired you can not work. We just had that happen with one of the nurses, and she had to work as an aide until she took care of the licensing issues. Her pay was cut as well. (She knew about it for 3 months but decided not to do anything about it until a week before it expired)

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