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I got in! (sigh of relief) Anxious to get started...I'm ready to learn some nursing skills! :yeah:... Read More

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    Oh OK. Lol. Which Tamara are you? I think I spoke to a Tamara Wednesday afternoon. We talked about financial aid and books. I'm sorry I'm having a hard time remembering right now.
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    I'm the big girl lol
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    Ah OK! Lol. I'm gonna have to look for you now! Hey, by chance do you have the conversion sheet? I can't find mine and am starting to panic! Lol
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    It's on the program home page under documents i think. In the level 1 syllabus. Page 62 I think. Don't hold me to that lol. I can email it if you leave your address.
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    OK. Now that you said that, I think I sat not quite next to you in lab when we were with *** *****. Did you sit in front of the tub with the gait belts? I looked under documents and could not find it. My email is if you don't mind sending me a copy.
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    Yep, I was at the end of the table. I will send it to you on a bit, as soon as I get back on the computer.

    I'm really bad with names, comes with age I guess lol. I think we get badges Monday! That will make things so much easier

    If we are in same clinical group we should def get a study group going. And someone needs to make a class facebook too. This is gonna be so much fun.
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    Aha! Student handbook page 62! Emailing it as I type this
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    Thank you so much! Lol. No worries about forgetting names. I'm right there with you! Lord knows I'm no spring chicken anymore. Lol
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    I got your email. Again thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    You are welcome!!