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omg....where do I begin? DCCCD has changed their FA system and centralized their FA office. I'm speechless because I tried two weeks to speak with someone and the phone lines are busy M-F from 7am-7pm. This terrible system... Read More

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    Financial Aid has been drastically cut. The changes this semester took a lot of poeple by surprise. Look into it well before you commit to anything.

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    My application is already in at Brookhaven... I have looked into it well. I'm just wondering if there are loan options at Brookhaven besides Direct loans. If I can't get enough with direct loans and private loans aren't an option, I plan to work my butt off to support myself and pay for it (as well as live like a monk).
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    Private loans for school are pretty hard to get - I think most banks do offer them and there are places to get them independently, but I think you probably have to put up some kind of collateral or have a co-signer. I used to get solicitations from Chase. I never got anything from my school though pertaining to private loans. Just the Federal subsidized and unsubsidized.

    Working through school bites, but it is do-able.
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    Yeah, I definitely plan to work at least part time! The thing about private loans though, is your school needs to "participate" in that particular program for you to get one. My school doesn't seem to participate in any of them, not even Sallie Mae. So that leaves Federal loans... I'm just hoping not to work full-time because I'm worried about leaving myself enough time to wrap my brain around the nursing stuff
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    Interesting. I never really pursued a private loan, so I didn't realize the school had to participate.

    I hope you don't have to work full time too! But if you do, there are others who have managed to git 'er done and you can too if you must!
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    Thank you!! I appreciate the encouragement

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