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Howdy ya'll! I've been lurking on this wonderful site for some time now, but I need some help! I have received offers from both Parkland and Baylor University Medical Center for their January... Read More

  1. by   SuperDust
    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently working at a Level I trauma center in Austin, Texas and i'm a Level IV nursing student. GO BRACK!!!!!
    The unit of my choice is definitely going to be ICU. Although I'm definitely partial to the hospital that I work for, I'm afraid they might not choose me. I've also been researching a lot about Baylor and Parkland. Is there anyone out there that can shed some specifics about their orientations? Also, for those of you recent graduates that were accepted into these programs, can you please reveal your competitive edge? What is it that you did that got you hired? I'm trying to do what ever possible to increase my chances. Here is what I have so far....3.75 GPA (most likely top of my class), ACLS, 8 months experience on a Critical Decision Unit at a level I trauma center, experience in medical relief abroad, and I'm Spanish speaking. I know that I will survive and flourish in such programs. The trick is getting in. Any help is much appreciated!
  2. by   bbrreend
    So which one did you take and how is it going? I am graduating this May and just put in my application for Baylor. I am planning to also apply at Children's or Parkland. Do you have any advice for me?
  3. by   panzyo3

    I have been in the NNICU residency at Parkland for about a month and a half now and I absolutely love it!!! I have already seen things I would probably never (or rarely) see at a private hospital. The nurses are super nice and you get great experience. I would definitely suggest working for Parkland. Good luck!
  4. by   RNlvn
    I have a question for you guys. If you really really wanted a internship would send your HESI scores to the recruiter if you do good? I mean like >900 on HESI exit exam.
  5. by   panzyo3
    No, it means absolutely nothing to them...you have to wow them with your interview
  6. by   LJUN71
    Im a nurse in Chicago, thinking about moving to Texas, so this info has been helpful to me also. I've worked for Cook County Hospital for majority of my nursing career, so i've seen alot of action also. So for me, i think a change of pace would be the Baylor system.
  7. by   amynbay
    Both hospitals are nice. However, Parkland has a world renowned NICU. They are known actually globally for their work in NICU. They deliver more babies then any other hospitals not only in the USA, but in the WORLD. There are more "challenging" things and you would be able to write your ticket anywhere by going to Parkland. That being said, Baylor does have a good reputation as well. I"m just saying for NICU experience alone, there is no question Parkland is a better option and like someone else said, they do pay more. They also offer better retirement incentive and PTO days. (not a lot of difference, but a bit better) GOOD LUCK!
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  8. by   NewToDallas
    Just wanted to update the pay scales a bit. I am considered a new grad and was just hired at baylor - base is $26, with $5 for nights and $6 for weekends. Parkland's base is $24 something, with smaller differentials. I was shocked when they offered me that, I was expecting low 20's from what I've read on here, but it looks as if things have changed.
  9. by   Rnindmakin
    thanks for the update on the pay scale. I have a formal interview for the january 2013 internship for Baylor critical care next week, and was wondering if you can share some tips.
  10. by   groppap
    Hi- thanks to everyone who has posted.. great information! After looking at some of the recent posts, I was wondering if pay scales are for the internships or if you are hired as a new nurse full time?? I am trying to find out if the internship positions are paid or not. Any information would be helpful!

  11. by   SE_BSN_RN
    This is going to be a really stupid question but do you have to have already graduated before you apply to the GN positions? I graduate in July and the openings are in January and June. (Stuck in the middle, I am, bummer!) Or, should I apply and will they hold onto my app for future openings? I saw on their website (Baylor) in December that they still hadn't filled all of their spots for January. Now, it being February, they are now taking apps for the June start date.
  12. by   xandarosa
    You have to have graduate before the start date.
  13. by   jay_j
    Hi! I know this thread is a few years old, so I'm hoping to see any updates between these two hospitals with regards to pay rates, benefits, reputation, and any other changes that has happened for the past years.

    I am looking to move to Dallas area (haven't decided which city I'll live in as yet. I am prioritizing work), I'm a RN, BSN for 12 years now. Hospital experience would total to approx. 9-10 years. I have worked in nursing homes, retirement home and clinic between 2011-2015. I'm not sure if they only count HOSPITAL experiences only, and am also clueless on how much salary I should expect given my experience.

    Any information would be helpful. Thank you!