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Howdy ya'll! I've been lurking on this wonderful site for some time now, but I need some help! I have received offers from both Parkland and Baylor University Medical Center for their January 2010 new grad internships in the... Read More

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    Just wanted to update the pay scales a bit. I am considered a new grad and was just hired at baylor - base is $26, with $5 for nights and $6 for weekends. Parkland's base is $24 something, with smaller differentials. I was shocked when they offered me that, I was expecting low 20's from what I've read on here, but it looks as if things have changed.

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    thanks for the update on the pay scale. I have a formal interview for the january 2013 internship for Baylor critical care next week, and was wondering if you can share some tips.
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    Hi- thanks to everyone who has posted.. great information! After looking at some of the recent posts, I was wondering if pay scales are for the internships or if you are hired as a new nurse full time?? I am trying to find out if the internship positions are paid or not. Any information would be helpful!

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    This is going to be a really stupid question but do you have to have already graduated before you apply to the GN positions? I graduate in July and the openings are in January and June. (Stuck in the middle, I am, bummer!) Or, should I apply and will they hold onto my app for future openings? I saw on their website (Baylor) in December that they still hadn't filled all of their spots for January. Now, it being February, they are now taking apps for the June start date.
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    You have to have graduate before the start date.

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