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Hi all! I'm looking to move to either Dallas or Houston in the next 9 months or so. At that time, I will have a little over 2 years of adult CVICU experience at a Level I trauma teaching center -- working with LVADs, fresh... Read More

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    Dallas! But of course I'm a bit biased as I live here. Apply to all, interview, and decide from there based off their interview/tour you're given.

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    Seeing that St. Luke and Methodist rank in the top 10 for best hospitals for cardiac surgery, I am leaning more towards them. I plan on visiting both cities and hospitals in the near future so come next spring/summer, I'll be ready to do the leap!

    Thanks for all the advice all!!
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    Quote from HouTx
    All TMC facilities are non-profit... for-profit facilities cannot locate there, under terms of the original TMC development.
    Actually this is not true. There are for profit facilities in the TMC area, Kindred Hospital is one of them...

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