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CRNA school in San Antonio???

  1. 0 I was just wondering is there a CRNA school in San Antonio?
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    No, you will have to relocate to houston or dallas. There are only Five programs in the state, two in the DFW area, two in the houston area, and one army program that I think is actually based in the houston area as well. Check out the pre-CRNA board here for more info, and as always, you can check out the AANA website for a state by state list of accredited schools.
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    I am not 100% positive but I do not think there is....hopefully someone else knows the answer.
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    While affiliated with UTHSC-Houston, the Army Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia offers the didactic (classroom) phase at Ft Sam Houston. The Phase II facilities are pretty far away from San Antonio.

    The other programs in TX are Texas Wesleyan and TCU in DFW, and Baylor and UT in Houston.