collin college wait list fall 2011 - page 2

is anyone else on the collin college wait list for fall 2011?... Read More

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    Yes!! I got the official letter in the mail today and it was quite nice to read it and not find information about the respiratory program enclosed! Looking forward to the 29th.
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    bubbasmom..did you get in?

    How is your back? I had back surgery 2 1/2 yrs ago....not fun!
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    no still on wait list.i have to take eng 1301 during maymester and they messed up my i only got a 5 on the back is better just praying i can get my operation this summer so i will be good for spring in the program.can i ask what was wrong with ur back?
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    i got in! just got the call today!soo happy!!!
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    Congrats!!! See you next week.
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    seems like sooooo long ago...

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