Collin College Fall 2013 Nursing Applicant's - page 3

I just finished taking my PSB and I've already submitted my application to Collin College for the Fall of 2013. This is my 3rd time applying and I'm really hoping I get in this time around. If I did well on the PSB I should have... Read More

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    I got my information from Ms. Betty Brown at one of the nursing information meetings last semester. She specifically said that they had a new interim dean that changed their policy and that they were not accepting anyone who had not completed Microbiology prior to the application deadline. Maybe they changed their policy again since that information meeting, but that is what she told us. She said it was a new change in policy due to the new interim dean.

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    I really hope that is not the case because I'm in Micro right now! Maybe they decided not to make the change after all. None of the information online says anything about having to be done with Micro. I would think they would update the online info and inform their office staff if they were going to make a change like that.
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    Letters were mailed today!
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    Yay, thanks for the update!
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    OMG I am so nervous!! my mail man needs to hurry
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    I AM TOO!!!! I hope we get the letters today.. if not, i am sure it will be tomorrow! I have butterflies in my stomach!
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    No letter for me today But if the letters have to go through Sprimg Creek campus then it makes sense I guess. Just so anxious!
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    I did not get my letter either. I checked with the school and this is the situation... they mailed them out late Friday; however, mail had already ran at college. Post office doesn't pick up over the weekends so they didn't get the post office until this morning. Hopefully we will have our letters (OF ACCEPTANCE!) tomorrow! Good luck! OH AND they do NOT have to go the Spring Creek campus.. I asked that as well. HA!
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    No letter today either
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    I hope the letter comes today. This has been torture!
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