Children's Medical Center Dallas - July 2013 Internships

  1. Positions were posted yesterday. I applied for NICU, PICU, and CICU. I've applied to other jobs in the metroplex but working at Children's CICU is my dream job! I'm starting this thread so we can update each other on the application/interview process and (hopefully) future job offers.

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  3. by   laur89RN

    Do you know if Children's Medical Center has any sort of commitment for their internships? I know some hospitals will require a 2-3 year commitment.

  4. by   meraki86
    Hi laur89RN! I have no idea actually.. I know Parkland has a 2-3 yr commitment after you finish the residency, but I haven't heard anything about Children's. Which department did you apply to? Have you heard anything yet?
  5. by   laur89RN
    Thanks for the reply anyways I know & that kind of freaks me out personally! 3+ years is a long time. I haven't actually applied to Children's yet. I just came across the job postings earlier today so I will be applying soon!
  6. by   em2012
    I applied also to the PICU, CICU and NICU. Really hoping for the NICU, wondering what the feedback process is like?
  7. by   meraki86
    I spoke to one of the recruiters yesterday. She said they're still going through applications but once the managers know who they want to interview, they'll start calling them hopefully within the next two weeks.
  8. by   em2012
    Did the recruiter say how many they are taking for the positions by chance?
  9. by   aggieRN12
    I recently went through the internship program if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  10. by   meraki86
    @kellyleigh thank you!! What is the process like? Do they contact you for interviews via phone or email? What kind of questions did they ask and how soon did you find out about an offer?

    Sorry to bombard you with the questions lol thanks in advance and congratulations! I hope you're enjoying your time at Children's
  11. by   meraki86
    Quote from em2012
    Did the recruiter say how many they are taking for the positions by chance?
    I didn't ask
  12. by   aggieRN12
    All contact was by phone. Both for the interviews and the offer.

    First, you have an HR interview and then you meet with the unit's manager & educator. They're the same questions that everyone asks. Behavioral, what would you do in this situation, and then when you meet with the manager, they more want to know why you want to work in their area, what you'll bring to the team, etc.

    I interviewed about a month after I applied, then another month to get the offer. It's not a fast process!
  13. by   meraki86
    I have a phone interview with the CVICU tomorrow!!
  14. by   em2012
    @Meraki86- Congrats on your interview! Hope it goes well for you