Can anyone tell me how much Recovery RN's make in the Mckinney/Plano area??

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    I am looking to relocate from NY to the Mckinney/Plano area and I am having a hard time getting any salary information on RN jobs here. I really want to move here but not sure how much money I would be making here. I worked as an ICU nurse for 6 years and want to work in Recovery/PACU. If anyone can give me some info it would be greatly appreciated. I checked out Mckinney Medical Center's website and they do have RN jobs open but I have no clue what the salaries are.

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  3. by   carachel2
    Just trying to help out and I don't know recovery room specifically, but I would think a safe average for your # of years of experience would be about 26-28.00/hour. PRN rates would be around 32.00 hr plus any diffs (my hospital is 6.00/hr shift diff on the weekend.)
  4. by   mpatt45
    I was a nurse with 23 years experience and my base as a staff nurse on med surg was 27.00/hr plus sign on bonus.They make you take the pbds assessment during employment at Mckinney.Itwasn't the right place for me but people seemed nice They are offering 5,000 sign on bonuses for many position