Brookhaven Hopefuls!!!!!

  1. Hello, Brookhaven Hopefuls!!! The time is near and all I seem to be doing is biting my nails in anticipation of getting into the RN program at Brookhaven!!! I would like to converse with any of you that are in the same boat that I am in! If there is any information that you can share, that would be great!! Is anyone familiar with how the interview process will work? I kind of missed out on meeting with AC because I had surgery, so I had to have a family member submit my packet, so I really am unsure on how the interview process will play a role in the selection process or how the process will work in general!! Thanks and Good Luck to you all!!!!!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to TX Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more response.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    Hey Kasey, I'm applying too! And definitely some major nail biting going on over here too, I'm ready to know if I got in or not! There are actually 2 other threads for this year's applicants:
  5. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    oh and they posted some info on the website re: the interview process... apparently they will be held november 1-4. ac told me it would probably be a group interview (5 or 6 students with a few interviewers).

    from the website:

    admission selection process

    admission is based on a complete packet being submitted including signed course substitutions. a mathematical formula is used to compute the applicant’s score. after the application deadline, all applicant scores will be calculated. the applicants with the top scores will be identified. the applicants final admission score will be determined in two steps.
    step 1

    the following factors determine the score:
    1. 2.75 is the minimum grade point average for the four prerequisite courses in the nursing curriculum. (see gpa calculator)
    2. minimum grade of “c” or better is required in every course, including each prerequisite course.
    3. points for the four prerequisites is the gpa of the four prerequisites.
    4. one point each is given for fine arts/humanities elective/developmental psychology, language course, dosage calculation, and death and dying.
    5. two points each for microbiology, anatomy and physiology ii, pathophysiology, and pharmacology.
    6. hesi a2™ exam points based on the hesi a2™ exam (minimum score on hesi a2™ exam is 75).
      hesi a2™ points = hesi a2™ score - 75
    7. total points are calculated by the following formula: gpa + hesi a2™ points + course points
    8. the brookhaven college nursing program is currently only accepting applications from students with a step one score of 25 admission points or higher. (gpa + hesi a2™ points + course points)
    step 2

    nursing student applicants with the top 50 step one scores for the spring admission and the top 70 step one scores for the fall admission will be invited for an interview. interviews will be scored on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.

    this interview score will be added to the step one score (gpa + hesi a2™ points + course points) for a final admission score of (gpa + hesi a2™ points + course points + interview points).
  6. by   KaseyP
    Thanks for the info, SugarMagnolia......whoa!!! I'm going to have to look over all of this!!! I'm all ready nervous as it is with this process!!! Have you applied anywhere else? Brookhaven is my only and #1 choice!! Good Luck to you!!!!
  7. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    I also applied to Baylor's fastbacc program (I have a Bachelor's degree) and I'm considering applying to TWU's weekend program. I'm most optimistic about Brookhaven, but my financial aid doesn't seem to be panning out! We'll see. How many points did you apply with?
  8. by   KaseyP
    Only 32 points....I hope that'll be enough???? I'm trying to remain optimistic; I had to re-take the HESI because I took it originally at Northlake, and my score went down to a 92% overall, so I applied with a 32. I haven't taken HPRS 1203 yet, so I had to submit my application with 32! How about you?
  9. by   KaseyP
    Baylor and TWU are great schools too!!! Sorry about my rambling and redundancy...I'm still on pain killers from my surgery and everything is a little fuzzy!!!
  10. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    92 is still a great HESI score! I have 34 points total. I know last semester the cutoff was around 31.something so I think you'll be good with 32 I think the interview will change things around a little bit too and it won't be so cut and dry in terms of the points needed to get in. Hopefully this points email tomorrow has some info about the interview!
  11. by   KaseyP
    Wouldn't that be great! Here's hoping all goes well! I want to just find something out about this process to make it seem a bit more tangible!!