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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am hoping to be ready to apply to the Brookhaven College nursing program in Fall 2012. This website and all of your posts have been an invaluable resource in preparing me for the application process!! I cannot thank you all enough!! I am still left wondering, however, if your application scores reflect the classes you are still attending or do they only count the classes that you have finished. For example, I will still be finishing a few support courses in the spring '12 semester which is when I would be applying for Fall, from what I have gathered. Will I receive points from those classes or should I just mentally prepare myself for applying for Spring admission? I know that it is a highly competitive program and I am getting the impression that it would be a waste of time to even apply without all of my support courses. Thank you so much for any help you could send my way!! redbeathe:heartbeat
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  3. by   vinnyb
    LizzyL, the support classes that you will be taking in Spring 2012 will not count towards your point total for admission. The deadline for Fall application is generally around March or April, which means the rules will only allow completed courses.You are correct in stating that the program at BHC is fairly competitive, however it is not impossible with hard work and a sound strategy. If you really want to still make the fall 2012 class then you should strive to get a very high HESI score, because this could offset not gaining those support classes you'll be taking in spring 2012. If you are only missing 2 support classes, make sure they are not both 2 point classes like AP 2, Micro, Patho, or Pharma, because 4 points would be difficult to make up. I would guess you would need to make at least a 93 or above on the Hesi to replace the 2 or 3 points you would miss from those support classes. It is good that you are thinking about the path you want to take, just keep in mind that each class has been different but there are common factors to successful entry like 90 or above Hesi scores and most support classes completed at the time of your application. I hope this information is clear and helpful to you. Good luck to you LizzyL!
  4. by   LizzyL
    Thank you so much vinnyb! I really appreciate you taking the time and helping me out with such a thoughtful, direct reply! You are very encouraging! I am missing 2 Pt support courses but perhaps they will offer some in a flex term so I can complete them in time for the deadline! If not, I suppose there is always spring of 2013!! Thank you again you were very helpful!!
  5. by   Preemie 2 RN
    I am applying in Spring 2012 for the Fall 2012 session too I will have all support courses done except End of Life which is 1 point. I won't be able to take that class until Spring 2012 but I hope my HESI score is high enough to get in without that course!

    Make sure you check the fall schedule for all the dcccd colleges and not just Brookhaven's. There are many flex courses available and online courses you can take. This is how I am getting my A&P 2 done is online through North Lake

    Good luck to you!!
  6. by   LizzyL
    Thank you Briterz!! That is a great tip, I just found some good online courses through ECC!! Good Luck to you!! Sounds like you are a shoe in!!
  7. by   Frankiedarling10
    Hi there!
    I am completly new to this board, but I am taking my Hesi on 9/18/2012 and I am completly freaked out. I am so nervous about the grammar part i am terrible about identifying adjectives and what not. This will be my first time to apply anywhere for nursing. Has anyone taken the Hesi that can help like whats the hardest part? Also i have taken All my four classes and have A&p2 (which is 2 points ) and fine arts(which is 1 point for some reason) and my GPA is over a 3.0 so i have a total of 10 points i think.... what do i need to make on the hesi to be competetive???

  8. by   eamaya1980
    I also am applying for Spring admission. How did you do on the Hesi? From what I have heard is that on average those who get in got a 93+ on the Hesi. I am a little nervous, as I got a 90. Crossing my fingers. Good luck to to you!!
  9. by   spope08
    Hey guys! I applied for the Spring 2013 admission as well! I applied with 33.7 points, hope that'll get me an interview at least! I hate this waiting process! We should be hearing about our points on the 26th, which is my daughter's birthday! Hope that will give me good luck!