Best Nursing schools in texas???? Best Nursing schools in texas???? | allnurses

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Best Nursing schools in texas????

  1. 0 Hey yall!

    i was originally at sfa to go to nursing school, but I came down with a really bad case of mono and had to come back home to houston. Several series of unfortunate events led me to get behind in my pre reqs after that.

    I've been looking at several different nursing schools and their pre reqs and all I will have left after this coming spring semester is a&p 2, micro, a humanities course and for a&m communication.

    So far I've made a's and b's in all of my courses except for one class I made a c (but it was just political science)

    I was just wondering what schools I should be applying to, ones I'd actually have a chance getting in to.
    So far i was looking at TWU (either houston or dallas) UTMB and A&M.

    I'd appreciate any input and would love to hear what yall are going through as well right now!
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    I'm partial to TWU (since they accepted me- hehe) but I think UTMB is good too!
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    lol thank you! im so hoping ill get accepted as well!