Baylor fastbacc May 2013

  1. Hi! I've been checking to see if anyone has posted about applying to Baylor's fastbacc program starting in may 2013, but have yet to see anything. I applied there and was wondering who else has applied. I have a few questions about the program.. I was curious if anyone knows if they are doing interviews this year and how many applicants they usually get from previous years. I received my degree evaluation recently for their program and I have a 3.73 pre-req GPA and for the HESI I made a 98% on the math and a 94% overall on the english. I'm really hoping my scores are good enough because Baylor is my first choice and despite how stressful it might be I would love to have my BSN in a year! If anyone else is applying or has gone through the program I would love to hear from you!
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  3. by   Cupcakes321
    Hey Aggienurse89! I was searching as well for people who are in the same boat as me! I applied to Baylor fastbacc this year as well. My grades are not as good as yours though =/ my pre-req is at a 3.65 and overall HESI is a 90%. (From reading last year's threads, the applicant waitlist seemed to have started at a 3.6, but because they changed the deadline to Jan. it might have gotten more competitive)
    I really hope I get in because Baylor is the only school I applied to for now! The advisor said they would be sending out notices by mail in February, I'm so scared!

    If anyone was accepted previous years before, do you know if they send a letter or is it a big envelope telling you if you got accepted?

    Good luck to all of us!
  4. by   blackrimmedglasses
    Hi everyone- I don't believe they're doing interviews anymore so you just have to rely on GPA and HESI. Did you guys have interviews? I didn't and I was told my application was complete.
  5. by   texastudent765
    Hi cupcake! Nice to hear from you! Your gpa and hesi scores look really good! I know they accept around ~32 students but I wonder around how many applicants they get for the fastbacc?? Do you have any idea around when in February they are sending out notices? I have two friends who are applying with 3.8ish gpas but hopefully they aren’t all that competitive lol and one of them Baylor isn’t their first choice. I wasn’t anxious when I applied but now that it’s getting closer I’m starting to get nervous! I applied to a few other places but Baylor is my first choice! Fingers crossed hopefully we get back good news next month!

    Blackrimmedglasses- Hi! No I have heard anything about an interview I was just double checking, good to know they don’t do that anymore. I received an email with the transcripts they received, my hesi scores, a degree evaluation, and that they got my application from T so I’m assuming my application is complete. Hope you don’t mind me asking what are your scores?
  6. by   blackrimmedglasses
    I have a 3.83 GPA and a 94 on HESI math and English with a 92 in chem and 88 in A&P. Have either of you looked into getting loans? I'm very nervous that I won't be able to get the money. I had a decent income last year and I did an online financial aid calculator today that told me I would be responsible for 18k a semester. I really hope that's not the case. I have no idea where I'd come up with that kind of money. I'm not working now so I hope I will be able to get loans. Do either of you know anyone who's done the program before?
  7. by   texastudent765
    Those are great scores! I have not looked into getting loans, but I am worried about the costs since it is our second degree. At least on the plus side since it is only a year we wouldn't have to worry about living costs etc for an additional year of a traditional program. As soon as I find out where/if I get accepted I'm going to start applying for scholarships/grants. I actually have a friend from high school who went through the program!
  8. by   Cupcakes321
    Hey girls!

    @Aggie: I'm not sure how many people they accept now either for fastbacc but I think around that amt. too. T. emailed you herself on saying that she received your application? She didn't say when in feb. but I'm guessing either way we will receive a notice. So nerve wracking waiting!
  9. by   Cupcakes321
    @blackrimmedglasses, yea I think i read somewhere before too that they don't do interviews anymore unless its like step 2 into acceptance... Don't remember! I am planning to just see if I get accepted first but most likely will just take loans out! Esp. Like what Aggie said, we have a degree alrdy and financial aid for us will be close to none 😕
  10. by   texastudent765
    Yes super nerve wracking! T emailed me with a degree eval mid jan. because I requested one but I applied back in october so it has been a good long wait.

    @blackrimmedglasses did you apply any where else or just Baylor?
  11. by   smtps
    I have a 3.3 overall GPA and a 3.8 science GPA. I have a 98% overall on the HESI and I'm terrified about getting in this May. I got into A&M and turned them down because I don't want to move away from Dallas, and then didn't get into UTA. I got on here because I was wondering if anyone had heard anything yet. It's heading towards Mid-February and still nothing yet!
  12. by   smtps
    The advisor told me they accept 36 for the program. That is not a very comforting thought for sure!
  13. by   Cupcakes321
    Quote from smtps
    The advisor told me they accept 36 for the program. That is not a very comforting thought for sure!
    Hey! Is the degree gpa that T. Calculated for u the overall or is that supposed to be the science? Yes its so nervewracking waiting! Ive been like stalking my mailman for my mail everyday! I havent heard anything yet!
  14. by   texastudent765
    T told me the letters should be going out by the end of this week so we should all be finding out veryy soon! exciting (: I think you have a very good shot at getting in smtps. best of luck to us all!
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