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Hi! I've been checking to see if anyone has posted about applying to Baylor's fastbacc program starting in may 2013, but have yet to see anything. I applied there and was wondering who else has... Read More

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    Quote from Aggie89
    T told me the letters should be going out by the end of this week so we should all be finding out veryy soon! exciting (: I think you have a very good shot at getting in smtps. best of luck to us all!
    OMG! Thanks for letting us know Aggie!
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    Have you guys checked your Go Baylor accounts? I just logged into mine and the screen is different than it was. I'm trying not to get too excited about but it's not the same screen that was there before so I'm wondering if I got in? Let me know if yours is different!
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    I got my letter today and I was accepted! W00T!!!

    My GPA that was 3.3 was the overall for the prereqs and the 3.8 was my science GPA.
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    Congrats @smtps! I got accepted too! Just checked my mail and I was so scared! It's provisional acceptance tho. but I'm sure I can get over a C in the rest of my pre-reqs. and get full admissions. YAY! I can't believe it! Out of 36 applicants! Are you thinking about attending or do you have other choices? Now I have to think about financial, because it's gonna be expensive! =/
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    well, I've been lurking for months on this site while applying to nursing schools . . .and I GOT INTO THE BAYLOR FASTBACC!! I'm so excited because I really want to be able to finish in a year! Now I have to figure out if I can pay for it . . . worried!! Anyone have success stories about scholarships or loans for the Baylor Fastbacc?
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    I am without a doubt going to this program. I filled out my acceptance letter and mailed it back within an hour of getting the letter in the mail. Now I have I get any sort of financial aid, grants, etc... Probably end up with student loans. Maybe if I work for Baylor afterward they will help with the loan.
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    I got my acceptance letter on Saturday and I'm super stoked. Now to worry about how to pay for it...
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    I got my acceptance today! I can't wait to meet you all at orientation. I'm so excited & I already sent back my acceptance letter (: Congrats to everyone else who got accepted!
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    Congrats Aggie89 on being accepted! Does anyone know if Baylor Fastbacc send out rejection letters for the Fastbacc program? My friend did not get a letter on the mail this week and I was wondering if that is a sign that my friend did not get in? My friend also tried to call Tina and she said that the letters went out last week (either last Thursday or Friday 2/8/2013). Oh well, life has to move on! It may sounds discouragement, but if this was not God's will, then let it be. Congrats to all who got accepted. Woohoo!
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    Thank you! There is still hope. What did T say when she called? Maybe they are waiting to send out rejection letters to see who all is accepting/rejecting their acceptance and then going down the list. T did tell me today that they are accepting more than they usually do for fastbacc this time so idk how many but more than 36. Hope your friend hears back soon! Did they apply anywhere else?
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    Hey! I just received my acceptance letter last week! I'm super excited and it's all happening so fast. Does everyone live in Dallas? I'll be moving from the Houston area.
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    Hi Bethwood2009, I'll be moving from Houston to Dallas too. I am relocating and I'm planning to live in the apartments near to campus. Does anyone know how many people did the Fastbacc program accepted this year? Thanks!!
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    I'll definitely be looking for a roommate if anyone is interested in checking out the options.