Baylor Dallas, BUMC ER Interview

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    Hi AllNurses,

    It's been forever since I've posted! I have an opportunity to interview at Baylor Dallas for an ED position in two weeks, and was wondering if anyone works there, or knows someone who works there who could possibly give me some insite on their interview process. I have had a phone interview with the recruiter, and I've also had a phone interview with the night manager. She wants me to come in for an in person interview, and to have a peer like interview with some of the RNs who will be working the shift I will be working if selected. I really want this job, so if any advice could be given I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I've read on another thread from '09 that they use the BKAT test in their interview process, is this still true?

    Thank you all!


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    NOBODY works at Baylor ER (
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    BUMP BUMP please, it's Friday!

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