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I was just wondering if there is anyone else applying for the 2014 spring program. It's my first time applying to a nursing school so I'm excited! My HESI is overall average 86% (not that great) and overall gpa 3.7, also I'd be... Read More

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    Don't worry! It's only because I had retaken a class and she updated the degree plan to reflect my recent grades. She emailed me on Monday. It doesn't mean I have some sort of advantage trust me. My HESI english composite score is an 84 and math 94, science gpa 4.0 but 3.58 prereq gpa. I'd still have to take 2 language and 2 religion courses but only if I get accepted. If anything it hurts me that I retook some classes so already all of the people that didn't have an advantage. Good luck!
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    Thanks for your reply bstillo. I am happy for you that u retook and increased your GPA. Good luck to u too
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    No problem! I honestly have better chances at another school as long as I pass my TEAS exam. Although it would be pretty cool to get accepted to Baylor, I'd be worried about the costs. As long as I get in somewhere is what matters though! Is Baylor the only school you are applying to?
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    True it is very expensive. I've applied to Baylor and UT Arlington. But I honestly doubt if I would be able to complete the pre-nursing courses, before the start date. Anyways, good luck for your TEAS exam.
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    Thanks! Fingers crossed that we all get in!
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    Hi guys! I also applied for spring. Pretty nervous because I know any nursing school is competitive. My overall gpa is 3.87. Science gpa is 4.0 and I made a 93 (composite) on the HESI. I'm applying for the first time Good luck to everyone!
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    Oh wow that are awesome grades/scores! I'm pretty sure there is no doubt that you'd get in!
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    **those are
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    Hi there,

    I also applied to Baylor as a transfer, I'm waiting (very impatiently) for a response. Did she give you any indication of when in July we would hear?

    Good luck everybody!
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    Also, does anybody know how many transfer students they accept? I thought I read somewhere that they only took 12 or 13, I'm really hoping they accept more than that.