Baptist School of Health Professions (BSHP) Spring 2012

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    Hey guys. I noticed there isn't a thread for this BSHP program. I just got my admission letter by email a couple minutes ago!

    Is there anybody else who will be going to this school in the Spring?
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    I received my acceptance letter as well. It is a great school and I am really excited about staring in the spring.
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    cegr, that's great! Are you going to be doing the day classes, too?

    I still have some immunizations to take care of... not to mention the CPR.
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    Hi there! Congrats on your acceptance! I recieved an email placing me in the top 10 alternates should someone decline their position. Everyone PLEASE cross fingers! I really would like to join you guys!
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    Yes, I am attending the day classes.

    Nikki, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I know I declined SAC because I got into Baptist so I am sure someone will decline and maybe give you an opportunity.
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    I won't be applying for Spring 2012 but I will be applying for Fall 2012 and I'm so excited!

    Good Luck to you all!

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    Thank you! If I don't make it in this semester I definitely plan to re-apply in the fall after retaking 2 of my pre-req's. I know those are the problem. I did great on my TEAS, so if I can do better in those courses (which I took when I was not as focused on school as I should have been) I know I will make it next time. I just REALLY hope I don't have to do that!
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    nikki, all the best! I was waitlisted at SAC for Spring but I got into Baptist. I definitely think it's the TEAS that helped. But I'm sending good luck vibes your way!

    Good luck for Fall Nena!

    I don't know much about Baptist. I've heard good things from somebody in the program who is a friend of a friend. And I've read great things about it here on the forum. But personally I haven't heard much about the program.
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    Hey guys! I also got accepted to the Spring 2012 day program.
    Does anyone know anything about the shots we have to get? I haven't heard anything yet...
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    They didn't mention immunizations in the acceptance letter but here's a link from the website about required vaccinations.