Background Check Blue clearance card from BON

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    I am getting nervous that maybe my blue clearance card got lost in the mail. I submitted my background check (fingerprints) mid July and have not received my card. It's been a month and I just want to know what the typical wait period is; maybe it takes longer than this.

    How long did y'all have to wait? If y'all didn't receive it during the normal waiting period, what did y'all do to get it processed?

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    I received mine in 6 days, but that was back in May before the new student rush. I've heard anything up to 6 weeks. Have you called? That little card seems like it could be easily lost in the mail!
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    It will be 6 weeks this Thursday and now it makes me more nervous! >.<
    Would you suggest I call the BON or the school?
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    Ok so I called the school and they didn't have any information on that since they are not the ones that control the BON protocols. So I called BON and they said they would resend it out in the mail tomorrow and hopefully I should receive it in a week.... phew!!!

    It seems like it got lost in the mail or something >.<

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