Appling to Nurse Residency in DFW with an out of state address

  1. Hello Nursing Friends, i really appreciate the time to you guys take to answer my posts. Thanks a lot, I am interested in Nurse residencies in DFW area, I have checked out a couple in Parkland , Children's Cook and Children's medical center, however I could not find any information in relation to Baylor and Methodist. Please can anyone help me with some information about nurse residencies in these two hospitals. I will be applying from out of state I have been told my some friends to put a Texas address on my Resume and to obtain a temporary license ASAP. I have a problem with the first option because it appears as if I am falsifying something, with the second option , since Texas is not the only state I am looking for a job isn't it going to complicate issues with licensing and endorsement if I end up getting a job in another state.My third question is in regards to contacting Nurse Recruiters how is it regarded there? I know here in Cali it is regarded as obnoxious, i don't want to be a chopping board while i am looking for a job, i know when a new grad is looking for a job we have to take all the precautions needed.
    Lastly, does medical city Dallas hospital hire New Grads? Thanks
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  3. by   HouTx
    Hmm - if you are actually planning on moving to TX, then providing a local address should not be a problem. However, I can assure you that you will need to be licensed in TX to be considered but a temp permit may be OK for new grad programs. We have a surplus of new grads in large cities and preference is given to those who 1) have had clinical rotations in that facility & 2) local grads. If you don't have a BSN, your options will be much more limited. Parkland is in hiring mode - beefing up staff - which includes larger new grad transition programs.

    If you can obtain contact for a hospital nurse recruiter, go ahead and use it! That's their job. Attempting to subvert the normal hiring process by contacting nurse managers directly would be the big no-no.

    Good luck to you in your job search.
  4. by   mikkie1317
    Hi HouTx, I plan on moving but i want to have a Job Offer first before I move. I will be graduating with a BSN.