Anyone Grayson Fall ADN 2011 have info?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has any info about what will be required (such as penlight, steth,etc), where to buy scrubs, do they come with patches already on them? Also any kind of info on what to expect would be awesome!Oreintation is on August 5th and I cannot wait! I am sooooo excited! Thanks ahead of time for any feedback!
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  3. by   slimlvn
    We have to buy the patches, and they'll give us a complete list of what we're going to need.

    Hope to see you there!
  4. by   ctasy
    I don't have any answers to your questions, but I'm also in the RN program at Grayson! I have all the same questions as you and can't wait till orientation to find out what to expect! See ya next Friday!
  5. by   chelechele
    Thanks for responding! I was just hoping to find out about how much cash to bring to orientation but i will have to wait i guess! i am looking forward to meeting ya'll too! See ya Friday! I cant wait.
  6. by   cyntrim
    I bet you make a call to the office you could find out. I was told that we would get 3 sets of scrubs 2 blue 1 white and the patches were $4 for each scrub and then it is optional to buy a lab coat. then make sure you either paid in advance for the background check and drug test or bring the cash for that which was in your letter you received when they told you that you were accepted. Oh and the lab kit. I went to the Pharmacological Math class and the teacher that taught that also said to bring money for to buy a t shirt from the nursing club... lol I am so looking forward to Friday, but even more excited to just start. If you have not taken the pharm math class I would highly recommend it!
  7. by   chelechele
    Thanks for the information! I am taking that pharmocology math class on the 9,10, and 11th. I really appreciate your response! I will see you friday!!!!