Anyone attending HCC - Houston Community College?

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    I'm starting at HCC - Houston Community College this fall and will begin taking my pre-requisites. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for me as I begin my journey to become a nurse? When exactly did you guys take pharm? I've seen a few people mention that once you take it you have to sit out a semester. Is this really true? I'm really nervous about the order of things and don't want to screw this up and waste a lot of precious time. I'm hoping to get into the nursing program in the Fall of 2012 - is that even realistic if I take fall, spring and summer classes and pass all of them? Thanks and I look forward to some replies.

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  3. by   rayneonme
    Hi, I plan on applying for the spring 2012 semester. I'm not in the program so I can't offer any advice but I've also heard about the sitting out a semester. Hopefully someone in the program can chime in.
  4. by   Dewailer
    Thanks for your reply. I wonder why they make you sit out a semester?
  5. by   <3DCC
    I applied for the ADN program for Fall 2011. After I sent in my application, which you first have to see a counselor to check you off first, who gives you their signature, and take to the ADN office at Coleman. I received a letter in the mail not shortly after the due date to take pharmacology in the summer. I have been takin the pharm class in the summer, and our teacher told us that if we pass the class and pass the math exam, we will be allowed to start the program in the fall, no waiting! After our first test, we received our acceptance letters in class, and we have two mandatory orientations that are all day that we must attend. If you do not attend them, you will not be allowed to start the program. All our immunizations and CPR card is due in a month. If I were you, I would start to get your immunizations now! It goes by fast, but it's worth it. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  6. by   misstrn
    I'm not sure if what I'm saying will help because I went there 3 years ago. HCC will look at your grade avg and the higher the grade avg, the higher they will bump you up on the list of acceptance. Most people wait a semester or two before they get accepted just because it depends on how many slots are avaliable. On your last semester of pre-regs make sure you talk to your counselor (if you haven't already done so) about your degree plan. Also, call up the nursing department to see what other classes you need to take. Make sure you studdy hard for AP I & II, these will help you set the foundation for your nursing classes. As far as I know, if you pass pharmacology then you will be able to move on with the program, no need to wait a semester. This is because for HCC (the time when I was there) once they let you take Pharmacology, you are already in the nursing program. Make sure you do not miss any of their orientations. Before starting the program, I suggest you have all your shots ready now especially the Hep B because it's a series of shots over several months. Have your CPR card ready, too. Of course this is my experience and advice, BUT make sure you check with the nursing program for what you need to do. Study hard and GOOD LUCK!!
  7. by   hufflebinks
    Wow ladies, thank you for this info!! I am hoping to get in for fall 2012. I am in AP 1 right now with an A average so far and hoping I can keep it that way for the rest of the semester! I am busting my bootie to keep that A!!! I am taking the TEAS in November. I was told by a counselor at Coleman at the ER meeting to take TEAS, then apply at Coleman and wait for the letter for the go ahead to take Pharm, then get a great grade on the math pharm test and I should get in. I am really really really hoping to get to take pharm in the Spring. If not, maybe summer. I didn't even know it was offered over the summer. I haven't had direction in my life for a looooong time and it feels good to want something for my life. I've been stay home mommy for the past 10 years so I'm ready to do something good for me and our whole family. Thanks again for all this advice.
  8. by   wendietruluv
    hello congrats on getting in i am applying for the fall 2012 and i take the teas in a week wanted to know: i have a gpa that isn't that great and i plan on making a good enough score on the teas do i have the chance to get in if my gpa isn't that good?