Anyone apply for the Kingwood Medical Center GN Academy Internship, July 2012? - page 3

I was just wondering if anyone has applied or heard anything from the hospital?... Read More

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    Best wishes to you!

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    Good luck to you!! If I may ask, which units did you apply for?
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    Med-surg units or obs unit
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    Anyone else hear anything yet?
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    I haven't heard anything either
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    anyone heard anything back yet?
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    I have several friends who got hired...a couple for the medsurg spots, 2 for imu, 1 for icu, and the ER is doing their interviews on the 19th...if you haven't heard anything by now, it seems unlikely that you will since they have already made job offers...these are just people that i graduated with so I dunno about the other spots and other applicants
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    I interviewed for the surgical unit on may 21st and was offered a position the following day. How did your interview go?
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    I work on surgical nights at Kingwood, do I know you?
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    Hello! I recently got accepted to Kingwood GN Academy for January 2013. I would like to know your past experiences with this. Thanks!

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