Anybody hear anything from Parkland MICU or CPICU residencies yet?

  1. Hi all! I just wanted to see if anyone was contacted from Parkland about their residencies yet. I applied earlier in March, and called yesterday and they said that my app was sent off to the hiring manager, and if I meet their qualifications, they will give me a call back. I am moving to Dallas because of my husbands transfer, and I have been applying like hell since I found out we were moving. I already got declined for so many jobs already. I have a BSN, an BS in Biochemistry AND an MS in Biomedical Science, AND have been working in clinical research since 2007, and still NOTHING!!

    Im getting very frustrated. Can anyone share any tips on how they are getting through. Many thanks!
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  4. by   DS33
    I applied there earlier this month but I still haven't heard anything from Parkland. I work for Texas Health. You should try there also. There are about 9 GN positions opened in the area through Texas Health. The residency program begins in July. Good Luck
  5. by   cmcervantes
    I've only heard back from the ER residency, so don't feel bad... I precept in the MICU there, and I still haven't even gotten a call back. I know a friend who got an interview and a job on the spot because she also precepts at Parkland and the nurse gave her a good recommendation to the MICU UM. My preceptor said she'd work on that. Sadly, a lot of it *is* who you know. I'm not sure if they have really started calling back on their own, one that I know has heard from them, yet... AND they just wrapped up the NIP and placed interns from last August. I think it's just a busy time for the UMs.
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    Thanks...Since they only started interviewing for ER just now, then they probably did not get to the others yet...
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    Hi DSS3. I was looking for the GN for Texas Health. How do I find these positions?
  8. by   cmcervantes
    They've already closed, I think. They posted them early....Late Feb.
  9. by   jamie.glaze
    jomjoma - MICU positions have begun filling from what I know, one of my classmates secured a residency there. She told us on the 20th that she had been awarded the position. I myself am still waiting to hear from L&D and they interviewed me on the 8th!
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    Thanks! I have an interview for ER on the 10th. Funny thing is, I didnt even apply to the ER residency, but hey, I will take it!
  11. by   cmcervantes
    Any word from the ICUs yet?
  12. by   jomajoma
    Nothing yet. I did get emails saying my app is with the hiring manager.
  13. by   babigrl
    I've been following these threads. I missed the app deadlines for June and have applied for Sept residency. I applied for MICU and SICU. I got an email saying both apps were forwarded to the hiring managers. Did you hear anything from them or got an offer? I can't PM on here but any info you can pass on would be great. Email me a