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Any Platt College Dallas Grads?

  1. 0 Thinking about attending the LVN program in Dallas. Wondering how it compares to DNI?
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    My former coworker, a medication aide at a nursing home, was attending Platt College's LVN program in Dallas. She said that the was paying approximately $28,000 in tuition for the program, so DNI might be slightly cheaper.
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    Platt seemed pretty ghetto compared to DNI in my opinion...DNI charged 26k beginning in August/September, so it's probably up a bit by now.
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    I am a current Platt VN student, the tuition is $31,000 it's the most expensive school in the D/FW area...I believe that Concorde is the cheapest. Now, in my opinion if you are a new grad., it's best for you to attend your local community college!! These schools all have problems, you have to focused and determined!!! There WILL BE DRAMA, however that's everywhere you go!!! The turner over rates for instructors(including clinicals) is ridiculous, but that's nursing school- you have to be able to adapt to change at a moments notice(which is the nursing profession anyway)!!!! Now Platt is more established than DNI..its new to the Dallas area(5 years), but the main campus is in Tulsa which has been around since the 70"s I believe. Platt is hard, Im not gonna lie to you, when most of the area nursing schools require a 75 or better on all grades, Platt requires a 77!!! It may not seem like much but you would be surprised how hard achieving a 77 is on some of these assignments and Tests!! Some students have been terminated from the program for making a 76.9 in a course!! Now, I know DNI, has just been bought out by ATI, due to some type of Legal far as the Ghetto just simply cant escape the ghettoness (LOL),'s a given in the healthcare field!!! Just as long as YOU remain professional, and remember why you made the choice you made...and thats to receive the tools you need to pass the NCLEX!!! Just pray on it...and weigh out ALLLL your options!! Good Luck
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    Hello MrsQuick

    I'm currently a Platt Student also, would like to talk to you about the problems I'm having. When you get time please reply back...
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    Hello schoolmate,...whats your classification? We mite be classmates!!! LOl!!!
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    I"m a freshman, and you?
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    Ok, I bet I know u then, I'm a soph!!!! First initial S.
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    How do you know me I don't know of any sophomores and especially someone who knows me by name so you have to be in my class besides aren't you guys Juniors now?
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    I was hypothetically saying as well as joking that I may know u!! I talk a few of ur classmates and help review them before their tests.
    I won't be a junior until med surg II, which is in 2 weeks!!! Let me know if I can help out with anything, and I also meant my initial was S.
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    Ok then how am I going to know who u are can you call me
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    Email me ur info at mrsquick777@yahoo
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    Im a current student as well and i honestly encourage whoever is looking into this school to stop. It is ridiculous some of the crap we have to put up with.If these credits and classes transfered i would've been gone light years ago.I feel really trapped and i am not enjoying my experience at all at this school.RUN!!!!!!!!