any Nurse techs in the Houston Area??? - page 4

Hello all! I'm completing my first semester in nursing school and I heard that I could possibly work as a nurse tech at a hospital. Since my nursing school is out of town, I think I will only be able... Read More

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    if you are talking about Ben Taub, no, it isn't the same. PCAs do a little bit more than CNA (but they are pretty much the same). But a nurse tech is essentially a nursing student.

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    I worked as a Student Nurse Associate for a summer externship at SLEH in the Med Center during nursing school. I think you have to have two semesters down first. It was MUCH better than any clinical experience I had in school and you get paid more than a tech. You can usually stay on as a tech (still get paid the same as a SNA) after you finish the externship.

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