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Hello all! I'm completing my first semester in nursing school and I heard that I could possibly work as a nurse tech at a hospital. Since my nursing school is out of town, I think I will only be able... Read More

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    The student nurse tech test..
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    Congrats for getting that far! The test was basically like a CNA / nursing school semester 1 test. I remember they asked what normals in vital signs were. They also asked about military time and basic med math. They asked about basic scenarios and what you would do. The test was majority multiple choice. If they administer the same test they gave me, it was really easy! You had to make an 80 or 90. If you want to review, review your basics in nursing. When is the test?
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    Thanks for all the info!! It's on Friday...I'm excited but nervous at the same time.
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    Hi Trilldayz,
    It's a shot in the dark considering these posts are kind of old, but I was wondering if you (or anyone else reading this) knows if the titles PCA I and II are the same as Nurse Tech I and II.
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    if you are talking about Ben Taub, no, it isn't the same. PCAs do a little bit more than CNA (but they are pretty much the same). But a nurse tech is essentially a nursing student.
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    I worked as a Student Nurse Associate for a summer externship at SLEH in the Med Center during nursing school. I think you have to have two semesters down first. It was MUCH better than any clinical experience I had in school and you get paid more than a tech. You can usually stay on as a tech (still get paid the same as a SNA) after you finish the externship.