Any LVN schools in Texas?

  1. 0 I am nineteen-years-old and I'm taking pre-requisites for the RN program at Tarrant County College, while simultaneously taking a CNA course. I have wanted to become an RN, but after talking to my LVN teachers at my CNA course, I have decided that it will be better (in my specific life situation) to first become an LVN and then work my way up to an RN.

    The only thing is that I don't know what school to attend. I have already taken a bunch of pre-requisites for the RN program, including courses I will need to eventually obtain my BSN, but the only science I will have finished by the end of next semester is A&P 1.

    I am looking for a school that will allow me to become an LVN and only has one science and maybe some classes that I've already taken as prerequisites. Do LVN programs with no pre-reqs exist? The only one I could find is Concorde and I'm iffy about spending so much on tuition...please help I am so very confused.

    I've taken or will take next semester:
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Fundamentals of Speech Communications
    • English Comp 1
    • English Comp 2
    • US History since 1876
    • Brit Lit since 1800
    • A&P1
    • Introduction to Theatre
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    Check out Navarro College. I'm almost positive the LVN program they have does not require prereqs!
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    Blinn community College has a 1 year LVN program. I believe with no prerequisite required for admission. If you go on you can find out more info regarding the program.
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    Weatherford College, Hill College, and North Central Texas College are community colleges in the D/FW area that offer LVN programs. Concorde, Platt, and Dallas Nursing Institute are private trade schools in the D/FW area that offer LVN programs.
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    Thank you all so much! I really appreciate it

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