Alvin Community College TX Fall 2013

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    I am starting a thread for those of us applying to Alvin CC's Fall 2013 ADN program. Is there anyone else out there applying? It would be great to start a group and support each other through the process! Look forward to hearing form you!

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    I also applied to ACC for fall
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    Oh great! I actually haven't put in my application yet, I have to go to the last meeting on the 19th and I will bring everything with me, but thats my last step!
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    Cool, I went to the 1st meeting. I am also going to apply to San Jac and HCC. ACC is the one I am hoping for then San Jac....HCC would be my last choice if I get a choice. They seem sooo unorganized.
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    Well I just attended the applicant meeting! I was hoping they would give more information than what is in the application packet. Do you live in the tax district? I live in Katy but I have great act scores and a decent GPA and I am taking my last two classes now. I finished both anatomy's already so I hope I am high enough on the list to be one of the 40!!
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    Nope I wish. Im hoping to get in to Acc or San Jac
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    How soon mid May do you think notices will go out
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    Hmm I don't know. I wouldn't count on anything within the next week though. Did you apply anywhere else? I applied to Lonestar and got into my first campus so I will most likely turn down acceptance to Alvin if I get in, would save me the stress and trouble of moving over the summer though it is such a great program, it really is a tough decision. Still waiting on UTMB as well.
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    Yes I also applied to San Jac the application period doesn't end till June. Congrats!!
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    Thank you. Hopefully you hear good news soon!!

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