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I need some advice on what to expect from the Texas Board of Nursing. I have sent all of my required paperwork in for endorsement into Texas, the issue is that I have a reprimand on my license with no restrictions from 5 years... Read More

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    I totally understand n thanks so much....I will definitely keep u posted...

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    Well it is June 1 st and I found out yesterday that my application is being sent to the enforcement division. That has put a huge strain on my relocating to Texas. I'll be moving Monday and I just hope that they get on top of their investigations. I can only work on my temp license for 2 more months! I just don't understand it. I have no criminal record, just a stupid reprimand for not overdosing my patient. Like what is there to investigate???? Anyways, has anyone every been processed through the enforcement department in less than their stated 4 month time frame????
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    Yes, people have been processed before that time but more and more people are waiting over 6 1/2 months for investigation recommendations and if you are given any type of reprimands/ recommendations it takes an additional 4 to 6 weeks to have that completed and you get a final report.. so roughly total 8 months from enforcement intial review, not the day you sent your application in to TBON..I am not sure whether they have any information to let you know what TBON recommendations are for your case.... hopefully someone will respond that has has medication reprimand or you can check site for people who has been reprimanded by TBON and see what their recommendations/ stipulations were? Just my insight.... Hope I helped...
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    Well it's getting down to the expiration of my temp license. I've been researching what other jobs I would qualify for. I know the job market is saturated and jobs are hard to come by therefore this will be no easy feat. What is a nurse to do though? I have to take care of my family and make sure the bills get paid. If anyone has any suggestions to what kind of job market I should be looking in I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Well I thought I would give an update on my situation. I was able to speak to someone in the enforcement department on October 19th which was a few days after my 6 month mark in the enforcement department. They informed me that I would be receiving an eligibility order in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks. At that time it will need to be signed in front of a notary and mailed back to the TBNE. It has been 4 1/2 weeks already and I am patiently waiting for something to come in the mail. This whole process is so frustrating. Luckily I have a wonderful husband with a good job otherwise I would not have made it this far. So to sum things up...... Originally began this process on April 2, 2012. Sent to enforcement on July 15th, 2012..... According to TBNE projections I should have a RN license number prior to the new year. I pray for anyone that is having to go through this.
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    I know you're excited about getting to the finish line. Do you know about any stipulations? It seems forever! Congratulations on the count down...
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    When I spoke to them the only thing they could disclose to me was that I will be required to take a class but they couldn't specify which one and that's all they could tell me over the phone
    I am hoping that I just have to take one class and that they give me a year to do it and that they didn't impose any restrictions on my license. I am so ready to go back to work.
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    I think it is an ethics course. You can take it soon as you get letter and send your completed information to BON. The course cost @250 to 300$. They will remove from your license afterward. So, you will be okay. Good luck!
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    OK so I received my eligibility order in the mail yesterday, signed it etc... mailed it back with delivery confirmation. They received it today! MSTXnurse how long did it take them to issue you a license #??? I am so eager to get that license # and begin applying for positions so I can go back to work! You were right, I will need to complete a jurisprudence/ethics course within one year and when it is complete they will remove it from my license! I am hoping I get a license prior to Xmas. That would be the best Xmas gift to me!

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