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Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

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    I am a Spring 2013 hopeful as well but I may be in a little different boat than some of you. I am a graduate of ACC's LVN program this past December and have applied to the Alternate Entry track. I would start in January in the 2nd semester of the RN program. I'm not sure how competitive this is compared to the traditional track. Either way I am anxiously awaiting October!

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    The ranking letters went out! Did anyone get theirs? I don't know why I'm excited; I'm not in the running this semester. Oh well. I have a score of 52, so I am excited. They gave me credit for a class I didn't think I would get credit for. The score sheet is a little confusing. The email also says that the acceptance letters or rejection/ranking placements will go out in approximately early October.

    Hi murseman and texaslvn! murseman, what Houston schools have you looked into? I see a lot of other forums threads for schools in Houston, but haven't looked into specifics. Are the pre-reqs drastically different than ACC? texaslvn, I wish I had gone the LVN route a couple years ago, but I guess I can't turn back time. Do you work in the medical field currently? Do any of you work in the medical field? I don't work in the medical field currently and would have to take a drastic pay cut to become an CNA, so I am debating it. But I heard it helps in getting a job as a nurse down the road. I am going to try to get CNA certified, even if I don't take a job in the field. Some ADN BSN programs require it, too, so it would be good to have in my back pocket, if I happen to apply to another school or to find a cna job with good hours (haha, right?)
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    I got mine today too. 54. Not in either. I didn't know they would include the grades from the co-reqs. But it makes sense that they do.

    I am debating if I should retake the two co-reqs that I got B's in, or just work on other stuff and reapply each semester.
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    I am confused. I got a ranking email almost a month ago. Is this a new one or...? I have 52.56 points but Im not sure how it counts for the alternate entry class.. I have a lot of Bs for the co-recs bc I took them a long time ago before I knew how competitive nursing school was. And yes I work at a SNF right now and have worked as a CNA in the past.
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    I received my ranking letter back in the middle of July as well. I think they sent letters out in July to those who applied during the first half of the application period, and then just sent letters out now to those who submitted their applications during the second half of the application period. This allowed those who applied earlier and ranked high enough, to register for the first fall 8 or 10 week session of nursing skills 1105. Those who rank high enough from this second batch of letters will probably be granted permission to register for second 8 or 10 week session of the skills class. Acceptance letters won't go out until October for everyone though.
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    Thanks for the clarification kdell! Does anyone know how close to Oct 1 they will send out the letters? Only 11 days until the 1st!
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    kdell23, that's exactly right. My friend who took hesi and applied in July, received her rank back then too. I took hesi and applied in August and got my rank now.
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    Hi, Everyone
    I am also waiting to get the acceptance letter for Spring 2013.
    I think this is my 4th time applying to the program. I have been lazy about re-taking courses since I am working full time.
    This time, I have 63.15 total points. When I took HESI, I received B.
    Currently, I am taking Nursing skills which I have pushed for about 3 semesters.

    We are almost there since acceptance letters will be sent out in October.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Check your email. I got a petition. I'm taking the online/hybrid course at RRC on Wednesday mornings.
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    Michellemc, that's great!

    What is a petition? Permission to take nursing skills?

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