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Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?... Read More

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    Congrats Radiation! that is so exciting! where are you going to be going for your BSN? are there many people doing texas tech's program?

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    also, has anyone done the drug screen yet? i'm sort of confused on how it works... we 'pre-register' for the test.. and then what? does it give you a list of places to go? or do we just bring some kind of form to the testing site of our choosing? thanks for any clarification
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    Quote from texaslvn12
    Congrats Radiation! that is so exciting! where are you going to be going for your BSN? are there many people doing texas tech's program?

    Thank you! My work has an academic partnership with UT Arlington so we get a discount. A couple of months ago we had a career fair at ACC and they had UT and Texas A&M come and talk with us about their ADN-BSN programs. Texas A&M has a very affordable all online program....around $7,000 while UT was in the range of $13,000-16,000, and it was mostly on campus as they don't have an online program. You pay for the UT name.
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    Hey kind of late on answering your question, but yeah you pre register just so that you can pay for it, really. You should be able to type in your address so they can find the closest office for you. Once paid, they will send you an e-mail (the one you need to bring to the site is a SEPERATE e-mail- so look out for 2 of them). Print it out, take the drug test and then your done. If you need a copy for your records of your results, then you need to e-mail them. Go to precheck and there e-mail would be there. I didn't need my results, but then I kept getting e-mails from the nursing recruiter that only 25% of students are doing this right (they repaid for the background), and so I started to get nervous and requested for one, just in case.
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    So we are getting close to starting the program! I'm excited and lazy at the same time. This whole month off of no school was Greaaattt..... I don't want to relearn dosage...ugh. Speaking of this, is the dosage calculations test in the beginning of the program hard? This isn't for ACC but some other nursing program, this girl had to take a dosage test every level, can only pass by a 90 so she can only miss 2, and each level it gets harder. Does ACC do this?
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    Yes, you will take a dosage exam before every semester begins. It's how you are allowed to give medications in clinical.

    The dosage exam during the first week or so of level 1 at ACC only covers simple doses for po meds. There were no IV calculations since you can't give IV meds until level 2. It was a ten question exam I believe and you have to make an 80 or above. Most of my class passed on the first try, a few had to retake and they did fine.

    The rest of the semesters will cover po and IV calculations but they aren't tough. You had tougher questions in pharmacology.

    Know your conversions....especially ounces - mL since you will be using this all four semesters when counting I&O's in clinical and on tests.
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    I'm starting my pre-req this 2013 spring with anatomy and co-req classes. I'm planning on taking micro, physio and pharmacology over the summer and take HESI so that I can apply for spring 2014. People say it's overwhelming to take micro,physio and pharmacology all at the same time, but I just want to turn in my nursing application as soon as possible and I get bonus points every time I re-apply so that's a plus! I was wondering if HESI is offered in August? and is allowing students to take HESI exam within 6 weeks before the semester ends still available? thank you!
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    It is pretty overwhelming to take all three, but it can be done. I did all three plus human g&d and still got all A's. Things are different now - perfect grades are no longer enough, reapplication points are required. So I'd say do it, get that first application in as soon as possible. Reapplication points will mean way more than the tiny difference between an A and a B.
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    Hyunjung001, I think it can be done, especially if you have good time management, and hopefully don't have a full job. Also, if you are good at conceptual learning for physio. I think summer is 11 weeks instead of 16, so that is a factor to consider. They do offer the test right after the end of summer semester, I think one week after it ends. For me it was like 2 or 3 days before the deadline. After you finish the test on the computer, the computer computes your score so you know and you can turn in your application to the department right away. Unfortunately, you no longer can take the test before all your pre-reqs are done. I agree with nick --- you should get your application in ASAP for the review points. Try to get the As because that is possible and still important. Good luck!
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    Thank you Nick and @Sungal!

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