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  1. I am RN and started looking for a job a month ago.I attended few interviews. Everybody was saying that I don't have recent clinical experience specifically in USA(worked 2yrs back for 11 months in India) So I am afraid that I won't get any job unless I refreshed my nursing skill through any course. So I started looking for Internship related programs.I am applied for RN Refresher course in Methodist hospital. Seems like I will get the place. I don't know how much this will help in my job hunting. I have to pay lot of money. Anybody out there done refresher course before? Will it worth to put the money on this? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   luchcole
    Hi! We are in the same boat. I have been applying for jobs online and i'm not even contacted for interviews. It's almost 4 years since I graduated from nursing and did not have any experience since I graduated. Took the boards here last year and passed. I was enrolled for a nurse refresher course here in one of the community college in southeast houston but was cancelled because of not enough enrollees. That was supposed to start last february 4. They told me they will offer it again on the summer. I looked online of other places/school that offers rn refresher and found the dallas methodist. I'm considering it at first out of frustration from the class that was cancelled but i'm from southeast houston and i don't know anybody there. Were you accepted already for the course? I think you still need to apply for the course, right? You can PM me if you want.
  4. by   indnur87
    Sorry for you. Hope we will get the job very soon. Good luck for you. I held the spot for the RN Refresher course.They told that I will be getting the call from them to do the drug screening & for other legal stuff, one month before the course. I will get to know everything about the schedule on the first day of the course. I tried sending you PM. It doesn't allow me to send. Is there anyway I can mail you?
  5. by   luchcole
    Thanks for your respond. You can email me at luch_cole@yahoo.com. I'm so depressed and frustrated right now. I just want to establish a career here in the US and I don't want my degree to just go to waste.
  6. by   pink2004
    I finished my adn may 2012 and still found no job. I guess I might need this too. I don't know anywhere that offers this. SO is this similar to a clinical or is the like a test we have to fill out and pass.
  7. by   indnur87
    I applied online. Then Educational specialist sent email to schedule an appointment. On that day, she gave me a paper test and calculator to finish the test. No time limit. may be 110 question. Very easy. I didn't write some abbreviations. Its not a big deal I guess. Then actual interview started. She asked about myself , my work history and behavioral questions(typical Interview question like how do you manage stressful situation etc..) She said, there were suppose to be 3 more Interviewer. Lucky to have an one on one interview.Then I asked about the course . She is very friendly and approachable. Hope it will help you to understand the process.
  8. by   kaboo
    you can search for volunteer nursing position....by that they may absorb you shamala..
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    Hi indnur87,

    It seems you are from south part of tamilnadu, madurai ? I am, too. how can we exchange the personal contacts?

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    Thanks for the info indnur87! I just want to ask you if you receive the email immediately after applying online or did it take days before you received it. Was the interview questions difficult?
  11. by   l0ve2learn
    Hey luchcole, I just want to ask if you already applied online for the refresher course...
  12. by   wildflower79
    I' ve been seeing newgrads volunteering in hospital and introducing themselves in the floor. In this way you set your foot in and get hired! Good luck to all!