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Hey everyone! I've created a forum for Vandy 2011 Fall Prespec. Nursing =] I hope to discuss housing, transportation, books, etc on this forum. ^^ I was recently admitted to ANP/GNP specialty.... Read More

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    Meredith, do you know when we'll get info on books and such?
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    About the shoe requirements: are crocs allowed as long as there are no holes in them? Do we need shoes right away or not till later in the semester when we start clinical? Thanks!
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    @Kate- Sorry I'm late getting back to you- haven't been online in a while. I'm guessing you should have info on them by now though. I seem to recall they were posted online last year, but I'm not totally sure.

    @molls- you need shoes right away because you are required to wear the exact same uniform in lab as you are in clinical. I don't really know about the Crocs. I know they told us all/ mostly white full leather upper, closed heel. From what I know of Crocs, that can be hard to find. Danskos are pretty popular around here, but bottom line, long-wear comfort, support, and traction are the most important features in a good clinical shoe. Might I also suggest you look into a good Littmann stethoscope and a nicer penlight--both of those you get from Vandy in your lab packs are CRAP.

    Holla at me if you have any more questions.
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    To the people that were accepted (congrats by the way) did you all have stellar GRE scores? Like I only got 1000 and a 4.0 on the analytical writing. So, I am thinking that I should not even apply. Would anyone mind sharing please? I really want to get in, but I don't see the point in the time and energy if there is no way. Thank you guys for any help you can give me.
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    Congrats to all of you who were accepted.

    I'm considering applying for this program, so I'd like to know how the school year is going for all of you so far. Is it different than you expected? Thanks!
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    This would be sooo helpful to me as I may be moving to the nashville area. Waiting to hear back from interview for Nurse Residency in Vandy. Could you email me this apt. info?
    I would really appreciate it!
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    Could you send this to me too? This would really help me out since I hope to be moving to the area in January.