Vanderbilt Nurse Residency 2014

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    Yeah, I know... I'm waaaay ahead of time But I thought there might be some people planning ahead like me. I'm graduating in December and I thought some others might like to discuss what you are doing to help you get in! I have a 3.7, I'm doing a medical mission to Guatamala in May, attending the NSNA annual convention, and hopefully working at a special needs day camp over the summer. I know I need some volunteer hours, so I'm hoping to fit them in at the end of the summer and during next semester, and praying its enough. Anyone else? [Pediatrics BTW]
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    No one? lol!! I'm surprised, maybe I'm just ahead of myself?
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    I'm applying as well! Women's Health. I currently work as a student nurse in med/surg, I volunteer with a free health clinic, and i'm working on scheduling my medical mission for this summer!
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    I'm actually doing Women's Health too!!! I always wanted Women's Health and changed my mind for a second to peds and that's when I posted this post haha! Are you from the Nashville area? I don't have any healthcare experience but I'm trying desperately to find a job! I'm definitely volunteering at that special needs daycamp I was planning on working at, volunteering at a hospital, and HOPEFULLY finding a nurse extern/tech job!
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    I'm from Indiana. Do you know what they're looking for from applicants? I feel like i'm applying for nursing school all over again haha. I really want NICU...but i'm not applying for peds because I know I don't want to work with any other peds unit I booked my medical volunteer trip to Belize for 2 weeks and still waiting for the green light to start in the free health clinic next week. I don't have much volunteer work other than that. Any hospital job will get you GREAT experience and I learn so much more there than in actual nursing school clinicals
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    I've been applying for EVERY hospital job and no luck at all... That shouldn't necessarily stop you from applying for peds. Someone on here told me Women's Health is much more competitive than peds. I was told they accept like 15 for peds and like 5 for Women's Health... But I want Labor and Delivery... so... yeah

    I don't know exactly what they want... A girl from my school got in. All I know is she had a 4.0 and is going on the same medical mission to Guatemala as me. She worked in the ER at our local hospital. I don't know what volunteer work she did.

    I'm stressed!!! I have a 3.67 and IDK if that's good enough if they only take 4-5 especially since I haven't even worked at a hospital! But I'm hoping my volunteer work will make up for it!

    Ahhh good luck. I'm surprised no one else has been here saying they are applying. The ones for the past few groups have been huge. I literally read like every page of them looking for tips!
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    I am glad ya'll started this! I am super excited. Has anyone heard if one track is more competitive than another? I would like to do the emergency nursing track! I am graduating from a bridge CNL program in December.
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    I will be applying as well. I haven't finalized which track, though.

    I'm sure as winter approaches (Winter's coming - sorry, I'm still on my Game of Thrones kick), this post will get much, much more active.

    Good luck all!
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    I'm pretty sure women's health is very competitive, because they accept so few people I'm not sure about the adult tracks though. Is anyone applying for any other residencies as well? If I don't get this one I'm going to apply in Colorado and Texas I think. This is what I really want, but mostly I just want to work in Women's Health!
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    I am applying right now. I'm torn between women's health and peds. I'm also nervous about the salary. From the sounds of other threads, it doesn't seem very competitive. I'm hoping it has improved considerably since 2009 when it was $18.25! Here new grads make around $30.

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