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Yeah, I know... I'm waaaay ahead of time :) But I thought there might be some people planning ahead like me. I'm graduating in December and I thought some others might like to discuss what you are doing to help you get in! I have... Read More

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    Yes one from dean or your advisor. A separate one from instructor. I sent to more than one instructor because you never know who is going to fill out by when. That way the one that replies the earliest is considered for your application.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Hey! I am applying for the vanderbilt nurse residency!! I am so glad I found this message board! I submitted a cover letter on the original application, but now it asks for a letter of intent! From what I know, there is not much difference between a cover letter and a letter of intent! Did y'all write a different letter to submit on the second portion of the application???
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    I submitted a letter of intent on the program I chose and about why I chose Vanderbilt. I would write one or kinda tweak your cover letter to make it seem like a letter of intent. Either way submit it again on the 2nd part of the application process. You don't want your application to not be looked at just because that piece is missing. Just my opinion. Best of luck!
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    How long was everyone's Letter of Intent? It says it takes the place of a cover letter, so I'm thinking about 1 page, but did people write more than that?

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    1 page is adequate
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    Mine was a full page and 1 paragraph on the second page single space!
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    Hey guys! Anyone going for an interview next month? Any idea of how the interviews go, as in I read the powerpoint, but has anyone done an interview already?
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    there's another forum specifically for the summer program!
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    hi everyone! i'll be applying in a few days for the winter 2015 burn track. i just graduated from NYU with a 3.76 GPA and I'm taking my licensure exam in a few weeks. i was a nurse extern at the hospital for special surgery and still work there as a PCA. i've volunteered at memorial sloan kettering cancer center, am a member of NSNA and was on the board of American Cancer Society UPitt, and got my Girl Scout Gold and Silver Award. what do you think?