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I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

  1. by   cstark
    None of the questions were too "out there" or really caught me off guard. Just think about what makes you an unique candidate and sets you apart from other people. The first part was more general questions with them getting to know you and the second part were situational, where you should bring in clinical experience. It's definitely nice to be done with interviewing, but it's pretty weird to think about waiting another month to find out!

    Nashville was awesome - everyone was really nice. I really liked the campus and medical center as well, and the downtown area was great as well. I'm from Los Angeles and am use to seeing cars and people everywhere though and Nashville definitely does not seem as crowded, which is probably good (don't exactly love the traffic here!)

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. by   Jw_rn
    I felt like the interview went well. Everyone is very nice and informative. First time I've interviewed in front of 4 people at the same time. I guess the one thing that was nerve wrecking was watching them write as you spoke and you wanted to get up and see what they were writing down...haha. I enjoyed the experience and wish you all luck when you come to town.
  3. by   ChristinaG123
    Just had my skype interview. I think it went pretty well but who really knows. It's a little intimidating but bizarre to see them on video. They ask a TON of scenario questions, more than I've had in other interview. The general questions, bad/good scenario + positive/negative outcome, when you took initiative, integrity, etc etc. SO many scenarios. Overall, it was a positive experience but definitely a welcomed challenged.
  4. by   LaurenJonesRN
    Wow! Thank you for posting your interview experience! I have my interview October 17. I'm a little nervous about the scenario situation. I have been running over scenarios and experiences in my head. Did they give you an opportunity to ask them any questions? I bet you are somewhat relieved to be done with the interview part.
  5. by   cwillmon
    Sooo excited! I was wait-listed and now have an interview for peds. Good luck to all those interviewing and who have already interviewed.
  6. by   laughterbestmedicine
    Hello Nurses and Soon to be Nurses,

    I interviewed for the pediatric track via Skype. Good luck to those of you who have and are about to interview. My advice is to just be yourself . I am from Illinois and graduate nursing school in December.
  7. by   laughterbestmedicine
    Hey Twins32,

    Don't worry, you are not alone! I am a December graduate as well. One of my friends graduated nursing school in May and was accepted into the Summer 2012 Nurse Residency Program. She said there are a lot of new grads that get into the program.
  8. by   oscar_RN22
    Hey guys!! im glad to hear a lot of us got an interview, congratulations!!! I applied for the adult critical care track and my interview is on Oct 17th at 2:00pm. ill be flying from Miami the day before if any one is going to be in town those days let me know if you want to meet up. Never been to Nashville but im super excited and crazy nervous for my interview.
  9. by   nycrn03
    Quote from Nursey86
    What track are you interviewing for? I'll be there at the same time, in the same hotel. Weird. We should meet up.

    I'm so excited to be going to Nashville for my interview in 3 days! Since we are staying at the same hotel we should meet up! email me:
  10. by   LaurenJonesRN

    Had my interview today at 0900 for the Critical Care track. Tracey gives you a ton of info before your interview and is more than happy to answer any questions. 550 people applied and 220 are being interviewed. The interview panel members were really nice. Be ready to explain situations, your role, what the result was, and what you would have done differently. They also ask a couple of questions to get to know you. Hope everyone enjoys their time in Nashville. Good luck to all of you!!
  11. by   lleatherbery
    Hi all, I am flying out Sunday From Colorado Springs for my interview in the ED pilot track. Out of curiosity I was wondering for those of us that have been fortunate to get an interview, what's everyones previous expierence? I personally just have about three years of GI expierence, thats it, nothing else. So more just curious if others are similar or way more. Also, for those of you that have had your interviews in Nashville, any restaurants or things to check out when your there in your free time? I've never been to Nashville, and my time is very limited since I will be there for a total of a little over 48 hours.
  12. by   RN-UMB
    Quote from lleatherbery
    I personally just have about three years of GI expierence, thats it, nothing else. So more just curious if others are similar or way more.
    GI experience as an RN?
    For this Residency program, you need to be a new-grad RN w/ less than 6-months of RN experience at most.
  13. by   lleatherbery
    GI tech not an RN, that's why I am applying for a nurse residency program that has a requirement of less than six months RN. I heard some others that got interviews have had some amazing peds expierences prior as well just not as an RN. That's what I'm curious about

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