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With the January 27, 2012 deadline date coming up, I wanted to start a new thread on those applying and for the latest updated information as you get or hear about this new program: applying,... Read More

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    I'm pretty sure that was the generic wait list email, but your right, it was quite a nice semi-rejection letter! lol best of luck to you!
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    I got accepted to adult critical care!! So excited to start this great opportunity! Those with the offer have to respond by Next Friday - April 20. Good luck to everyone, and see some of you in a few months!
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    I still haven't heard ANYTHING! This is driving me crazy!!
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    I was accepted onto the Adult Surgical Track!!!! Good luck to everyone who applied!
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    I got accepted for Adult Surgical too! Cannot wait to get started!
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    Hello, I am interviewing for VUMC's burn track for the new grad program and would love any advice you guys may have to offer since you have already been through this process. Thank you in advance!
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    Just for clarification about my previous post, I was not asking about the possible questions they ask or for any inappropriate information. I don't want anyone to think that I am asking for inappropriate or 'inside' information. I am more curious to see how long it takes for VUMC to tell you if you are offered a position, and how many positions are offered in each area (I know the numbers change due to each unit's need)? Also, How are you guys liking your time at Vanderbilt?
    Sorry I just happened to re-read my post, and saw that it could be read wrong.
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