Vanderbilt New Grad Summer 2012 - page 4

With the January 27, 2012 deadline date coming up, I wanted to start a new thread on those applying and for the latest updated information as you get or hear about this new program: applying,... Read More

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    The mail on the 5th had me going crazy. I was so nervous to read it. Hope we hear from them soon!

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    Agreed. I was having palpitations in line at the grocery store only to read "Thanks for attending" lol!
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    From past threads, it seems people found out around April/November 8-12th. Hopefully soon!
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    I did not get accepted. Best of luck to you all in your careers!
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    I got wait listed! least theres still some hope! For those of you who got offers....when do you have to accept them by?
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    Good luck gastro2012! I hope you get an offer!!!
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    I have not heard anything yet! Did you all get e-mails with the news?
    I am still patiently waiting...ahh!
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    Yes it was via email, basically said.... "We would like to take the opportunity to personally thank you for your recent interview...You have many desirable attributes for a position in the [track you applied to], and we were impressed with your interview. We have selected our first group of Nurse Residents for the Summer 2012 Cohort. At this point you have been selected as an alternate and have been placed on the waitlist..."

    I think if you haven't heard anything by now, it's probably a good sign! Although odd, since they did say we would all hear on the same day.
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    thank you for the insight!!! Sounds like you make quite an impression, that is very exciting! Good luck on getting the never know! I guess i will wait and see, maybe send an e-mail out tomorrow to confirm correspondence. I wish you all the best!
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    I'm pretty sure that was the generic wait list email, but your right, it was quite a nice semi-rejection letter! lol best of luck to you!

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