1. University of Tennessee Health Science Center - MEMPHIS (not the UTHSC in Texas) is re-opening up their accelerated BSN program for the upcoming class to enter in the Fall of 2013. Has anyone applied? If so, have you heard anything? I've been accepted into UofM's traditional BSN and I was debating between the two.
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  3. by   kaneshia morrow
    Hey I was wondering about some info on other students applying to UT accelerated BSN program. I applied and having my transcripts sent off. Do you have any idea on how their gpa acceptance rate are?
  4. by   Tinker88
    I was accepted into the BSN program at UTHSC and at the U of M. UTHSC is 15 months and Memphis is 2.5 years (5 semesters). Which works for you? I actually decided to attend Union University this Fall and it's 15 months too. I'm 24 and already have a bachelor's in education so the accelerated programs make more sense for me. If I had to choose between U of M and UTHSC...I would go with UTHSC. I almost picked that one myself, but I have my reasons for Union.
  5. by   kaneshia morrow
    Ok that's great I just recently graduated from Union University with my bachelor degree it's a pretty good school but yet expensive. Was it hard getting accepted into UTHSC BSN program? I am really aiming for UTHSC now. My mind was set for Union accelerated program but the price tag I wouldn't be able to afford. Do you mind telling me what was your gpa on getting accepted into UTHSC program? I am kind of nervous about applying to the program I haven't met anyone yet that has been accepted into the program. If you're not comfortable telling me your statistics on getting accepted into UTHSC you can email me at mkaneshia@ymail.com. I really need to info on their program.
  6. by   kaneshia morrow
    The accelerated program works well for me I refused to do a 2-3 year program cause I already have a bachelor degree. I graduated from Union University. The school is great but yet expensive. That's why I'm kind of leaning towards UTHSC. Do you mind giving me some insight on UTHSC program like what was your gpa & teas test score upon getting accepted into the program? I am a little nervous about the program honestly. If you not comfortable of posting your gpa n etc on here. You can email me mkaneshia@ymail.com.
    I really need some insight on the program I haven't met anyone that's applying to the program.
  7. by   Tinker88
    I know that UTHSC will be about $18,000 for the BSN. I have a 3.8 and I got a 71% on the Teas. Memphis will be about $28,000 I'm pretty sure. I would go for UTHSC!!! I may go there also if I don't hear back from Wells Fargo soon. I'm choosing Union because I have no school loan dept from my previous bachelor's and thought "Hey why not?" ya know?
  8. by   kaneshia morrow
    Yeah that's why I always look at the school tuition now cause school is expensive especially Union.
  9. by   Athena2802
    I got into both UTHSC and U of M but for the RN-BSN route. I'm trying to figure out which school would be best. I wanted to know if anyone has been to either school. I'm just needing more info on both.
  10. by   Tinker88
    Quote from Athena2802
    I got into both UTHSC and U of M but for the RN-BSN route. I'm trying to figure out which school would be best. I wanted to know if anyone has been to either school. I'm just needing more info on both.
    This is just my opinion, but I like UTHSC's curriculum layout better. U of M will take 5 semesters for you to complete. UTHSC will be 4 and you will complete it in 15 months because it is accelerated. BUT only you can choose. It also depends if you are working and your schedule.

    UTHSC: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  11. by   Athena2802
    Spoke to the nursing director over the RN-BSN class today at u of m. Since I was a student at U of M and I am currently a nurse, it would only take me 2-3 semesters. 2 if I do full time, 3 would be part time. Not to mention, all including health assessment is online. UT states that classes are in 10 week sessions within the fall and spring semester and 7 weeks in summer. You are also required to show up one day a week. I like U of M flexability but I want the UT background.
  12. by   Tinker88
    Ok well that's great that they are so flexible! WOW! Make a pros and cons list to help you choose which school. Will you regret not going to UTHSC? If not then go for U of M
  13. by   DLaShae
    If any of you decide to go to the UTHSC this fall can you let me know how things turn out? I was going to apply to the University of Memphis for Spring 2014 until I found out about the UTHSC. I think the time frame will work better than the U of M.
  14. by   FutureBSN2014
    I'm in the BSN program and love it. Nursing school is a stressful thing already, but these professors really want the best for their students. There are other programs out there that are very cut-throat. It is accelerated and I highly recommend not having a job while in the program. We're almost done with the 1st "semester" and our next 10 weeks are already busy with every day having either a class or clinical. It is hard to fathom that we've learned so much already, but it actually stays with you.

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