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  1. I plan to attend the nursing program in Fall '13. I only have six more pre-reqs to complete. I need advice on the program because I'm so scared of what to expect. Should I apply this semester or wait until my pre-reqs are done? I plan to take the TEAS test this semester. I'm also unsure of should I go to Lowenburg or Southwest. The reason is because I really need to start making good money soon since I don't have outside help. Is it possible to work full time while in nursing school? Someone please give me your thoughts! Thanks! :-)
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  3. by   ShannonBerry11
    Definitely apply In March or February, when the application for the fall is due - if you apply now, they will assume you're applying for the spring, and because you haven't taken the TEAS, they will just send you a denial letter - not because your grades aren't good enough, but just because you haven't finished that requirement.
    I would definitely suggest Lowenberg. From what I've heard, the nursing students are incredibly overtrained, which makes them much more hirable in the Memphis area - an having a Bachelor's helps, too.
  4. by   ShannonBerry11
    Oh! And I don't suggest working full time. The first semester starts with 17 credit hours, and working full time AND doing homework AND going to clinicals sounds ridiculous - make nursing school your first priority, and you'll benefit in the long run.
  5. by   DLaShae
    Thanks for the reply! But is it possible working on weekends because I really will need the financial help unless I take out more loans from school
  6. by   ShannonBerry11
    I think you could certainly try. I completely understand needing that income; I do too. Just make sure to make time to study during the week.
  7. by   LT Louis
    I have a funding source that will pay a $10K bonus and $1K per month (Minus taxes) while in nursing school. PM for more details.
  8. by   Tinker88
    I don't know where else to go! I applied to LSON but was rejected due to not taking the TEAS. I am scheduled to take it 2/1/13. I am sort of nervous about the science portion too! I am getting 80s on other practice parts, but 60 to 70s for science, which is weird because I love science and I am a teacher! I guess I need to hit my A&P book more! LOL! My gpa is a 3.7 and my science prerequisites are a 3.1 (if that includes PSYC and NUTR). Are those included since they are prerequisites to get in? I can't reapply using the online application system because I already applied and they wanted me to contact their office to reapply. How does that work out???! So I emailed the person I was supposed to contact via email. Has anyone else had to do that?
  9. by   agallion
    Hi I also took the TEAS test on 2/1/13 (first attempt) and passed. I submitted my application to LSON on 2/4/13 and someone from the nursing department contacted me on 2/5/13 to verify some information on my application. I was surprised they had reviewed my application so soon after receiving it but I was also glad I did not submit the app until I completed the TEAS test. Maybe we'll wind up in class together, good luck!
  10. by   agallion
    Hi, I'm interested in learning more about the funding source you have I am a student waiting on acceptance into the nursing program at U of M and I certainly could use the income. Could you please contact me with more details. Thanks
  11. by   Tinker88
    I passed the exam on 2/1 and U of Memphis told me I should hear from them by Friday about my acceptance! I have been accepted to Union's accelerated BSN 15 month program, but I am still interested in Memphis because I already have a Bachelor's in Education from there. The only thing is... U of M was not accepting accelerated applicants for FALL 2013 and if I go there I will go 2.5 years v Union's 15 months. I am also waiting on UTHSC, which is a 17 month BSN program. Which program would you guys go with? Any suggestions?
  12. by   Stacey73
    Just received my acceptance letter for the U of M Fall 2013 term and am so excited! Anyone else in too?
  13. by   Tinker88
    I just got accepted into LSON today and I am thrilled, but I was also accepted into Union's School of Nursing for the accelerated program. I already have a bachelor's degree and it just makes more sense to me to go to Union's 15 month program v LSON 2.5 year program. I do wish Memphis had their accelerated program up and going for this fall (2013), but they did not offer it. That's where I received my bachelor's in education, but I'm excited about Union! I hear good things about their program too.
  14. by   Stacey73
    I looked at Union but it was too far for me to drive and more expensive. I'm hoping to go summers and cut it down to two years. I'm also curious why they didn't offer the accelerated program for Fall.

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